35+ Best Digital Products You Can Sell Today

There’s never been a better time to earn a living by selling digital products. Crafting a digital product marketplace is more profitable than a traditional store and most importantly, adaptable to any niche. 

Below, we’ll share some digital product ideas and show you how to start selling on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook for free.

Why Should I Sell Digital Products?

Digital products have a distinct advantage over physical products making them a great entry point for budding sellers. Here’s why you should consider selling digital products to earn income online: 

  • Digital products have potentially limitless inventory. Unlike physical products sold through sites like Shopify, digital products don’t require any extra fulfillment steps and have no cap on inventory. 
  • Selling a digital product is less financially risky. Digital products are inherently less risky since you don’t have to invest in an expensive inventory. You’ll need to put in time to create your digital product, but listing it and selling it is free with Kojis. 
  • There are so many different digital products to choose from. With so many digital products to choose from, you can easily sell multiple products at once to offer your customers a wider selection. Kojis allow you to test out as many product offerings as you’d like, making experimentation a breeze. 

Where Can I Sell Digital Products?

The best way to sell effectively is to meet your customers where they already are. That’s why it’s key to sell digital products on social media and provide seamless one-tap purchasing for your customer base.

This is done within a matter of minutes using our free templates. As showcased below, you can use Kojis to sell a large number of services, premium content, products and even offer unique digital experiences for your audience to engage with you.

Your Kojis can act as mini pop-up stores that allow your customers to shop and complete transactions all within Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or any other social media platform. There’s no subscription fee or upfront costs to creators, making it an ideal platform to sell any digital product you can think of.

35 Digital Products You Can Sell

Without further ado, here are 35 digital product ideas to sell online. We’ll also share which Kojis make the most sense for each digital product so that you can start selling on social media within a matter of minutes:

1. Digital Planners

Digital planners or calendar templates for mobile phones, tablets, or apps like Good Notes are a great product to help your customers get organized. These planners can be customized with different themes, graphics, and layout options to meet your customer’s needs. 

You can sell digital planners with Kojis like Sell Digital Products.

2. E-Books 

E-books are an excellent way to teach your customers something new or provide a deeper insight into your life. Sell any E-book or PDF through the Sell E-books and PDFs Koji. 

3. Stock Photography

Stock photography or exclusive photos can easily turn your passion into profit. List your photography with Locked Photos

4. Custom Wallpapers 

If you’re an artist or designer, why not create some custom prints or wallpapers for customers to use on their phones or tablets? Sell these backgrounds through the Sell Digital Products storefront. 

5. Online Courses 

Create your own masterclass by building and selling an online course through Sell Video Courses. Your course can teach your unique skillset with anything ranging from how to play a guitar to how to run an online candle store. 

6. BTS Photos or Videos

Is your audience constantly asking for a behind-the-scenes look at your life? Take those inquiries and turn them into income with Locked Photos or Locked Video!

These Kojis allow your customers to purchase your exclusive content at a price of your choosing. 

7. Printable Coloring Sheets 

Are you in the lifestyle or parenting niche? Selling printable or downloadable coloring sheets is a great way to make money and connect with your audience. Sell your custom coloring pages through Sell Digital Products

8. Social Media Services

Are you hoping to score brand collaborations? Use tools like Collabstr to connect directly with potential sponsors. You can also sell services to brands directly with Sell A Service. This method allows you to set your rates and expectations upfront so that brands are clear on your shared working terms. 

9. Sound Effects 

Do you travel and collect unique sounds? A foley artist? A musician? Somewhere in between? Turn your surplus of sounds into cash by selling sound packs through Locked Audio. Sell one-off audios or a whole folder of audio files at a price of your choosing directly on social media. 

10. Dares 

Want to engage with your audience on a deeper level and make some income along the way? Invite your customers to send in dares at a price of your choosing on Dare Me. Your audience can “boost” dares by sending in tips to help encourage you to complete a video dare. 

11. Fitness Trackers 

Do you have a killer diet or exercise plan? Put your fitness calendar or planner template to good use by listing it on Sell Digital Products

12. Consultations 

If you’re a teacher at heart, book consultation sessions with curious clients through Sell A Service. While this monetization route is less passive, it can be incredibly lucrative and help you develop a deeper understanding of your audience. 

13. Voice Memos

There’s nothing like getting personalized advice or time with someone you admire. You can use Audio Inbox to allow your customers to request custom audio messages from you at your chosen price. 

14. Social Media Calendars

If you’re a monetizing creator, chances are you have a good handle on social media. Sell your social media planner or calendar template you use to keep you on top of your content through Sell Downloadable Files

15. User-Generated Content 

Sell content creation tutorials or videos to prospective brands and businesses. List your and sell your services directly through the Sell A Service storefront. 

16. Zoom Calls 

Create an exclusive digital experience for top customers by selling entry into an exclusive Zoom party or similar event. You can sell the link or “entry” into these digital events with the Link Locker storefront. 

17. CV or Resume Templates

If you’re a savvy professional, create a template for your resume to help your customers score more clients. Sell your templates through Sell Downloadable Files

18. Beats 

Are you a music producer or instrumentalist? Sell your beats, solos, or samples through Locked Audio. You can also seek out work for hire through Sell A Service

19. Audiobooks or Stories 

Have a story to share with your customers or want to share your Ebook in another accessible format? Upload voice-memo stories or audiobooks to the Locked Audio storefront. 

20. Exclusive Mixes 

If you’re a musician, make some extra money from exclusive mixes, unplugged versions, or alternative remixes of your music. Sell these recordings to top fans on Locked Audio. 

21. Meal-Prep Plans 

Do you have a bulking diet? A certain set of meals that helps you get through your busy schedule week after week? Create a monetizable meal prep plan you can sell directly to customers through the Sell E-books & PDFs storefront. 

22. Journal Template 

Create journal entry templates and prompts through your customers. Compile these ideas into a polished E-book and monetize through Sell E-books & PDFs

23. Software Presets 

Do you have a certain workflow that your customers can benefit from? Create a template from your software and monetize it through Sell Downloadable Files

24. DIY Project or Craft Patterns 

Whether you craft sewing patterns or DIY templates for building items around the house, put your templates to good use. Sell your step-by-step instructions with Sell E-books & PDFs storefront. 

25. Recipes 

Are you a top chef? Or a family cook with some trade secrets? Monetize your meals by selling your recipes. You can use Provecho to turn your ideas into cash. 

26. LUTs or Lightroom Presets 

Are you a photographer, filmmaker, or amazing editor? Sell your photo filters and presets with the Sell LUTs and Sell Lightroom Presets storefronts.  

27. Ask Me Anything 

Your customers might appreciate having a deeper understanding of you and your business. Monetize these inquires through a patron-motivated Ask Me Anything, where your customers can boost an inquiry’s importance with tips. 

28. Paid Newsletter 

Do you have a premium blog post or newsletter you want to save for top customers? Take your ideas and turn them into cash by setting up a storefront in Exclusive Article

29. Graphic Design Templates 

Do you have social media templates for Instagram stories or Snapchat overlays? Graphic design templates for your newsletters? Sell your custom assets through Sell Digital Files

30. Travel Guides

Lifestyle and travel sellers can sell custom travel plans or itineraries to help customers find the best spots in a particular area. Sell travel plans through Thatch or Sell Digital Products social media storefronts. 

31. Personalized Fan Shoutouts

What fan doesn’t like a customized shoutout or video? You can set up a personalized video storefront for fans through the Shoutout Koji. For a live experience, you can use the Cameo Live Koji to schedule virtual meetups with fans. 

32. Affiliate Recommendations 

Do your customers ever ask for gear or product recommendations? Turn your advice into profit with Kojis like Affiliate Links which allow you to pair each affiliate recommendation with a styled card and graphics.

You can also use Pop Up Shop to showcase multiple affiliate links with one photo. 

33. Meditation Audio 

Do you create motivational mantras? Build calming instrumentals? Help motivate your customers and earn by listing specialized audio through your Locked Audio storefront. 

34. Video Feedback 

Does your audience look to you for mentorship? Offer paid feedback through Video Feedback. Customers can purchase video responses reacting to an initial piece of content sent through the reaction storefront. 

35. A Stake In Your Project 

Are you working on a bigger piece of art or content for your audience? Have your audience have a say in what gets finished first by collecting donations via Fund My Project. Your patrons can earn a top spot on the project leaderboard by donating more money and track the progress toward your shared goal.  

Digital Products FAQ

Ready to start selling digital products? Consider these frequently asked questions and answers to build a successful storefront. 

What are the top-selling digital products?

Top-selling digital products will vary from one seller to the next based on the quality of the product and price point. That being said, there’s no cap to what sellers can list digital products like e-books, printables, and templates on Koji storefronts. 

What is a digital product? 

A digital product is any good that can be purchased and used online. This could be something like a social media template or an e-book. 

Where can I sell digital products? 

You can sell digital products for free on Koji. These free storefronts work in tandem with social media like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter to complete transactions where your fans already are. 

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