4 Easy Ways To Make Money On Koji

If you have ever wanted to make residual income, Koji is where you need to be. The best part is that you do not need to be a skilled programmer to create a fun game. All you need is creativity and a little spontaneity. And with that, you open a world of endless possibilities to monetize the things you make on Koji. To delve further into this opportunity, here are some of the ways that you can make money on Koji.

Develop Templates 

To start things off, let us take a look at template creation. If you are a developer or a creator looking to monetize on Koji, you should create a Koji template. Choosing this avenue to make money on Koji means that you will be creating templates that can be remixed by makers on the platform. The mechanics of developing templates are straightforward, and all you have to do is come up with a new, unique, and fun template for users.

To get the best results while developing a Koji template, create something easy that other users can remix, by keeping it simple. If you have multiple ideas for Koji templates, this is your chance to dig deep into your creativity. Come up with numerous but distinct templates to increase your sources of revenue. Each template launch means you qualify for a payment. Additionally, the more success your game gets, the more income you get, so make sure you bring your best.

Remix Apps and Games

Remixing is another popular way to make money on Koji games. You can, for instance, personalize templates based on popular mini-games. Edit elements such as images, colors, and sounds to create your preferred game. After you are done with customization, publish it, and let other users play it. After completing your remix, you still need to find ways to monetize your game, and here are a few ways to go about it.

1.   Tipping

Tipping on Koji games works just like your everyday tipping, where users award you with cash. By publishing your remixed game, users can decide to play your game as it is or create something new from it. If they love it, they have the option to reward you for your creation. The tips are actual money, meaning this can be your new source of passive income. If you want to get more tips, create as many games as you like and make them unique. You can also promote your game on your social media sites regularly to get more players to increase your tipping as well.

2.   Sponsorship Deals

The world of sponsorship deals is full of numerous money-making opportunities, and you certainly do not want to miss out. But how does it work in gaming? It is all about using branded assets or creating sponsored games for companies. It may be cliché, but sponsored content is the number one source of revenue for online users.  With Koji games, you can easily add videos and audios from major brands that you work with to expand their reach. Partner with sponsors and create interactive customizations with distinctive features. The more attention you get, the more revenue you make.

Apart from adding customizations to games, why not create unique remixes that advertise your sponsors’ products. You can make them educational and sensitize people on what benefits the given products offer. Get more fans to engage with your creations and sponsorship deals by offering free giveaways. Whether you are a celebrity or are just starting on Koji, this is one exciting way to keep users entertained while you earn some extra cash.

3.   Create a Patreon

A Patreon is all about giving users exclusive access to new products, in this case, new games. But for you to benefit from this, you have to create your work on Patreon. It means that your work can only be viewed by users who join your Patreon paywall at a fee. This is just one of the ways to create an exciting experience on Koji. Let limited users be the first to view your games or any other creations that you come up with. But be sure to maintain quality and consistency to benefit from your patronage.

4.     Use the Koji Paywall Plugin

The Koji paywall plugin is another tool that you can use to monetize your remixed Koji games. This popup lets users pay to play your game, ensuring you get the most from your project. Use it for your games to allow you to get a good source of passive income.

Sell Asset Packs on Koji

Another way to monetize is to create asset packs for Koji games. Whether it is visuals or sounds, monetize essential attributes of your customizations that are specific to any game. All you need to do is to remix an asset scaffold, such as the sound asset pack. Create exciting characters that are fun for games or even add your own touch of background music or collectibles to make it interesting. But to succeed, you certainly need to create high-quality elements that can be used in Koji remixes. Make each feature stand out to allow you to pull in a large following. Along with this, choose a reasonable price for your asset to ensure that users keep coming back for more. Lastly, do not forget to keep them engaged by regularly coming up with better customizations to make their experience worthwhile.

Participate in Campaigns

Lastly, you can also participate in campaigns and get rewarded. Here is how it works. Select the browse campaigns section on Koji to view the available campaigns. After this, select the Campaign to focus on, such as the COVID-19 campaign. Use your creativity and create a game based on the campaigns’ main message to ensure that you hit the owners of the campaign approve your remix. Next comes sharing, where you can share any approved remix across all your favorite platforms. The more engagement you get, the more money you make, so share it widely.

Do not be left searching for gigs. Join Koji today for a chance to monetize, make passive income, and have fun while doing it.

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