5 Ways Anyone Can Make A Living Using Koji

In 2016, LXGEND worked as a sales associate by day, an inventory stocker overnight, and a truck driver on the weekends. He quit all three jobs and decided to focus on music full-time. 

“There are infinite ways to make money from music,” says LXGEND. “You just need to be willing to do them.”

Once LXGEND set up a Koji profile, making money became simpler than ever. He shared his 5 top monetization strategies for music artists:

1. Sell Content

Streaming platforms like Spotify barely pay anything. Instead, selling videos and other content creates passive income streams.

App to try: Locked Videos 

2. Sell Products & Services

“I know how to sing, so I want to sell my feature: my voice,” says LXGEND. A Koji profile in his link in bio allows those sales to happen seamlessly inside social media.

Apps to try: Sell a Service, Digital Files Storefront

3. Collect Tips & Donations

Historically, a tip jar is the most tried-and-true revenue stream for musicians worldwide. Now creators can accept credit cards and offer free downloads for any donation.

Recommendation: Tip Jar+

4. Sell Merch

Merchandise like albums and branded apparel find increased sales when the customer can purchase without leaving their social feed.

Recommendation: Sell Physical Products

5. Events & Experiences

LXGEND says, “it’s more important than ever to have a physical presence because anyone can stream you for free online.” Use a link in bio to promote events, sell tickets, and grow your contact list.

Recommendation: Event Calendar, Listening Party