5 Ways To Make Money Selling Content In Your “Link in Bio”

The most popular way for creators to monetize their passion is by offering premium content to fans.

Whether you have one hundred followers or one million, your most dedicated fans are looking for more ways to connect with you and support your passion.

Creators across social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are using Kojis in their posts and profiles to sell premium content. Kojis can be created will little effort in a couple of minutes, and work directly inside your link in bio or any social feed.

Here are five unique ways you can sell premium content:

1 – Post a premium photo or video that followers can pay to unlock

If you create any kind of premium images or video, you can sell it directly on your social media or your link in bio by remixing the Unlock a Photo or Video Koji.

Just add your image or video, set the price, and then you share it in your Linktree or as a social post. Additionally, this Koji also gives you the option to collect emails instead of money if you prefer to use it to build your audience.

Anyone who opens your Koji will see a blurred image until they unlock the photo or video through your customized prompt and payment process.

2 – Let followers request a video from you

If you like Cameo, you can start taking paid video requests. This works better when you record a video greeting since it lets everyone can see a preview of your style.

Video requests are an easy way to earn money while being creative with the kinds of videos you record. It’s also a unique way to create personal interactions with your fans. Try recording video shoutouts, request cover songs, let fans request comedic roasts, sell birthday messages, and more.

FluteDudeMusic, a musician on TikTok, uses Koji to let fans requests flute covers of their favorite songs.

 3 – Create a menu for followers to make any kind of paid request

If you live stream, you’ll be thrilled to see how easy it is to take any kind of paid request from your audience.

You’ve only got one precious link in bio to work with, so whether you use Linktree or enter your own link, it should offer a whole range of paid requests.

Sell shout-outs, create artwork, or social media mentions live on your Twitch, TikTok, or Instagram stream. Offer to watch followers videos or read their messages for a custom price.

The Personal Menu does it all.

4 – Sell any digital file

Right within your social media update, blog post, Linktree — it doesn’t matter where — you now have the ability to sell any kind of file for digital download.

Users can purchase with one tap and receive their download, and then keep scrolling without leaving your social feed.

Plus there are all sorts of ways to customize your Koji. Control the background or record your own video to tell fans what’s special about this media they’re about to buy.

You can set a price, or try using the “pay what you want” option.

5 – Exclusive articles

If you are a writer, you can also sell access to your written content without charging for a subscription. Writing comes in many formats, and you can sell them all right inside your social media account.

From an exclusive blog post to a family recipe that’s just too special to share for free, you can sell it all right from your link in bio or social media posts. 

Want readers for your novella or short story? Sell it to your followers.

You control what the user sees before they pay. Simply copy and paste the rest and it’ll be seamlessly delivered right within social media to anyone that paid you.

Take a look at the Koji Template Store for more ideas on ways to make money through the social networks you’re already using.