5 Ways To Promote Your Link In Bio As A Musician

As a modern musician, marketing is a must. There is an audience out there for everyone, but it’s up to us to take charge and find it. That being said, it can be challenging to consistently funnel your fans in the right direction. 

Luckily, Link in Bio platforms can simplify that process and offer you a compact personalized website alternative as a creator. Below, we’ll share why using a link in bio is so powerful and share some proven strategies to drive traffic to yours. 

Why Do You Need a Link In Bio As A Musician? 

So, why is it crucial to have a link in bio versus a single link as a musician? Well, let’s think about it from a listener’s perspective. If an artist is promoting a music video using a single link, you may very well click the link and check out the video, but your experience with the artist ends there. 

If the musician was using a link in bio tool instead, you might also jump to add the song on Spotify, ask the artist a question about the creation process, or take a peek at their latest merch drop, all without having to jump to a new web browser or heading to Google. 

This doesn’t just benefit the artist by providing more points of interaction, but it ultimately makes for a more intimate and streamlined experience as a listener. Link in bio tools make interacting with your fans as efficient as possible so that they can focus on connecting with your art instead of landing on the right page. 

Not all link in bio tools are created equal, though. Koji provides plenty of mini-apps that can help musicians make money and most importantly, connect with fans on a deeper level. You can create a virtual tip jar, sell personalized video shoutouts to fans, monetize locked audio, share your streaming links all in one place, and much more. You’re also able to fully customize your profile to represent you as an artist – no coding needed. 

Koji also positions artists to take ownership of their fan data. You can easily check cross-platform analytics, or collect and export an email or SMS list of your most dedicated fans all within the platform. 

How To Promote Your Link In Bio: 5 Proven Strategies

Having an engaging link in bio is one thing; knowing how to make it work for you as a musician is another. For starters, it’s essential to customize your profile so that it aligns with your brand as an artist. Make sure your listeners have everything they need to interact with your music and connect with you at their fingertips. 

It’s free to sign up for Koji, and customizing your profile should only take a couple of minutes. From there, you want to find ways to consistently promote your Link in Bio to fans. Here are just a few strategies that can help you expand your reach: 

1. Have a Clear Call To Action 

When creating any piece of content, for social media or otherwise, it’s important to have a clear call-to-action that leads your listeners back to the link in bio. This could be a simple verbal callout like, “Check out the link in my bio to hear more,” or “Head to my link in my bio to connect with me”, at the end of any video. This can also be accomplished easily with text, like an overlay on Insta Story or right inside a Twitter post.

You can try out different call-to-action ideas to find what resonates most with your audience, but stay consistent with promotion. Whether you’re making a video, photo, story, text post, etc., always find a way to direct traffic to your link in bio. 

One of the best parts about Koji is that you can adjust the text of each mini-app’s name to cater to your audience and increase clicks. Your fans are more likely to interact with something curated by you, so take the time to personalize your messaging.

2. Treat Adding New Mini-Apps Like An Album Launch

Have you ever tried to release music without promoting it? Hopefully not, but if you have, you probably found that listeners didn’t automatically find your music. The same concept applies to promoting the mini-apps and links inside your link in bio. 

Your fans are much more likely to engage with your link if they know that it’s something that you’re proud of, and spent time crafting. Create hype around launching different features on your Link in Bio. Get their feedback as you plan so they feel invested. You can even build anticipation as you would with a pre-release campaign or offer incentives for early adopters. 

For instance, you could offer exclusive merchandise to your first album backers via Fund My Project or offer discounts to the first fans who purchase a personalized video Shoutout from you. 

3. Publicly Reward Your Engaged Audience 

The most successful musicians continue the conversation by publicly thanking those who have engaged with their link in bio features. You might want to announce that some of your top tippers will make it into your liner notes or music video credits, or reach out directly to some of your most supportive fans by @’ing them on social media. 

Taking the time on social platforms to publicly thank fans who engage and transact with your offerings helps foster a stronger connection, serves to remind all your fans of your offerings, and will incentivize other fans to follow suit..because they might get a mention on your next Insta Story!  

4. Add Calls To Action In Social Media Bios And Beyond

Don’t just think about the link on its own. Context is key! Take a look at how the artist @jayo drives traffic to his supercharged Koji profile:

You could also take this concept a step further as an artist since a link in bio isn’t just a place to hold your DSP links. A call to action like “Get to know me”, “Music Merch & More” or “Let’s connect!” directly above the link might be more enticing for fans. Don’t be afraid to experiment and personalize your approach based on your audience. 

Find ways to increase your Link in Bio’s visibility in every piece of content. For instance, Instagram photo posts don’t allow you to link directly, but you can set a photo’s location as “Link in Bio,” which can help subtly remind fans where they can connect with you further. 

5. Take Advantage of All Content Opportunities 

All too often, musicians shy away from directly promoting themselves under the guise that listeners “will know where to find them” or will automatically “look them up.” This is a missed opportunity. Fans appreciate being able to find your work without having to scour the internet. 

So, make sure you’re sharing your supercharged link in bio in any piece of content you create. While you can easily link it out in stories and short-form video content, you can also expand the experience to the real world! 

Keep a QR code out on your merch table or any tv screens on tour, or direct fans to your link in bio at the end of a performance. It’s essential to share your link across all social media platforms, but don’t forget that word of mouth and IRL experiences are still incredibly powerful. 

You can also use Koji as a landing page to run promotional ads. Koji supports Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and TikTok Pixel, so you’ll have full control over your analytics and audience re-marketing. 

Ultimately, link in bio platforms are invaluable for musicians and are even more powerful when you put in the effort to promote your link. Fortunately, Koji is free to use and customize, so sign up today to supercharge your bio! These strategies are bound to bring you closer to fans. 

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