6 Steps to the Perfect “Link in Bio”

Here are best practices for developing an effective Link in Bio:

1 – A Memorable, Short Link

Your shortened link will go everywhere from your social profiles to your email signature. Sometimes you may even verbally communicate your link.

That’s why a simple, easy-to-spell URL is critical for your “Link in Bio.”


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2 – Use High-Contrast Colors

First and foremost, make sure that your background and text have contrasting colors. Similar colors will make it difficult for your fans to read and engage with your profile:

Whether you create your own or utilize one of the many beautiful themes available with your profile, selecting the right background is critical for communicating with your followers.

A custom HD background makes an impressive splash with your followers, especially combined with the 4K capabilities of Koji Profiles:


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3 – Get Creative With Fonts

Does your profile’s font match your tone? What color are the shadows on your buttons?

Your “link in bio” is the one place all of your followers will see, so these are important questions to ask. 

Thankfully, you have full control over the customization of your profile. Take advantage of this and experiment:


4 – Profile Add-Ons

Your “Link in Bio” needs to engage your social media followers. Think bigger than a list of links.

The first Add-On you’ll want is a Tip Jar.

Next, check out more Add-Ons for leveling up your profile like running a Giveaway, allowing fans to Request Videos or adding a Personal Menu of services anyone can pay you for.

Want to share music recommendations? Add a Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud playlist into your profile.


Broadcast your Personal Status. Customize your own arcade game and challenge followers to appear on your high score list. Create your own Slot Machine. Start your own Meme.

Click here to browse the full list of Profile Add-Ons.

5 – Make Sure Visitors Stay in Your Profile

Kojis are instant experiences that take place right inside your profile, so users don’t need to leave like they do with normal links.

You’ll see these features identified by a lightning bolt inside your profile.

For example, when a fan opens up your profile on Instagram’s mobile app and adds money to your Tip Jar, that transaction happens without leaving your profile, and takes place entirely within Instagram.

6 – Optimize Your Links

Everything on your profile is a call to action, and how you optimize them determines what will engage your audience.

Make sure to use Koji or a “Link in Bio” service that allows control over the arrangement of your links. 


Similarly, make your links stand out by using GIFs or eye-catching images for icons.

Take advantage of the Highlights section of your profile, displaying your most prominent links, and also make sure to play around with all the available button styles and colors to make sure they are appealing to your followers. 

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