8 Ways To Use The Thoughts App On Your Link In Bio

The new Thoughts App from Koji gives you an easy way to add an ongoing feed of text notes to your Link in Bio. Even though it’s a simple app, it’s deceptively powerful.

We wanted to share some of our favorite ways people are using Thoughts.

1 – Shower Thoughts

Share your random insights, rants, weird thoughts – it’s like a private Twitter timeline plugged directly into your brain.

2 – Undiscovered Restaurants

Constantly discovering new spots and favorite dishes? Instead of adding them to a giant notes app list you’ll never look at again, share them in the Thoughts app so everyone can see.

3 – Behind The Scenes Diary

Give a behind-the-scenes look at your life. All the weird, crazy, and cool things that happen – keep them organized in one place. Let people see a bit more of the real you.

4 – Spilling Tea

Take follower submissions via DM and share them anonymously. Unlike a Story or a post on Instagram, confessions and gossip will be easily categorized and not disappear.

5 – Daily Fitness Challenges

Fitness or lifestyle account? Give your followers daily routines or challenges!

6 – Overheard Conversations

Do you find yourself thinking “Did they really just say that?” multiple times a day? Start compiling the best things you hear in line at the coffee shop or walking down the street.

7 – Favorite New Music Finds

Constantly discovering new music? Start a list of your favorite finds and stake your claim as a tastemaker.

8 – Quotes and Inspiration

Sometimes, a daily quote can be all it takes to uplift someone who’s having a hard day (and sometimes that person might even be you…). Start a practice of sharing daily inspirational thoughts.

Of course, these examples just scratch the surface of what you can do with the Thoughts App. Add it to your Link in Bio from the Koji App Store (or add more than one!) today, and let us know how you’re using it!