9 Unexpected Ways To Use Koji’s New Ask Me Anything App

The new Ask Me Anything app from Koji is a powerful app for your Link in Bio that lets you take questions from your followers and answer them publicly with a short video. The “Ask Me Anything” format is something we’re all familiar with from things like Reddit AMAs and Ask.fm.

Most creators on Koji are using the app to add these “traditional” Ask Me Anythings to their Link in Bio, but here are a few unexpected ways of using the app that we’re excited about.

1 – Motivational Shout Outs

Give a little boost to someone’s day. Maybe they have an exam coming up, or a big event, or could just use a little extra dose of love. Using Ask Me Anything as a way to take requests and shout out fans in public can be a powerful way to spread love not just to one person, but to everyone who visits your Link in Bio.

2 – Mini Song Requests

Let your followers request 30-second songs from you about anything they want. This is a great one to later turn into a compilation video and share in other places.

3 – Impression Wall

Have a talent for impressions? Take requests and fill up a feed of funny voices.

4 – Challenge Accepted

Let your followers give you challenges, and record yourself completing them. You might want to consider using the “pay to ask” feature in the Ask Me Anything app for this one.

5 – Behind the Lyrics

Writer, artist, or musician? Give your fans a way to ask questions about your work. Who was that song actually about? What do you think actually happened to a minor character after the story ended?

6 – Branded AMA

If you’re already doing a partnership with a brand, consider using Ask Me Anything to answer questions about their product or event. It’s an easy way to engage more deeply and make your promotional content more authentic.

7 – Would You Rather?

Sometimes giving some guidelines about what people can ask can help make things more fun and creative. Let your followers create weird scenarios for you to respond to.

8 – Life Advice

This one is straightforward but worth mentioning on this list because it’s so powerful. Help your followers out by letting them anonymously ask for your advice.

9 – Magic Eight Ball

This is a bit of a mashup of Would You Rather and Life Advice. Your followers ask a question about anything, and you only reply with a Yes or No.

The Ask Me Anything app can be used in many different ways, in addition to just “normal” Ask Me Anythings. We’re excited to see how you use it.

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