Artist @Sivan.Ka Wows Fans With Interactive Art Game Using Koji

Sivan Karim (@Sivan.Ka) is moving the art world forward by incorporating new technologies like Koji.

The world of art, just like the world of tech, is constantly evolving. Some embrace new opportunities to experiment and innovate. @Sivan.Ka sees Koji as a way to explore new artistic methods. His minimalistic yet complex illustrations show the strength of women, promoting equality and empowerment.

“Women have been an inspiration ever since I can remember. I want to show their strength, their vulnerability, their seductiveness, but mostly visualize them as beautiful human beings. They deserve to be treated equally, especially nowadays. In modern times it shouldn’t be an issue anymore, but it is. I want to support women and empower them to be proud of themselves. They are perfect the way they are and society has no right to make them believe otherwise.”

Based in Berlin, the artist unlocks the creative potential of Koji and creates his own game.

The game features images of his most popular drawings and soothing chill-hop music in the background. Some featured artwork can be found below.

Play The @Sivan.Ka Art Match Game here.

Within the game, @Sivan.Ka includes a link to his online store to improve the sales of his graphic t-shirt line.

“I’m planning a t-shirt and sweatshirt collection. It’s still in progress, but I’m trying my best to make it happen.”

Koji plugins add additional functionality to your projects without any code. Some plugins allow you to:

  • Link to a custom website (online store, music playlist, article, video link, etc.)
  • Collect donations (PayPal, Patreon, etc.)
  • Use Google Analytics to a project
  • Get players to “Subscribe” to your YouTube channel
  • Activate a secret password for exclusive access to your game

Fans praise the game online!

@Sivan.Ka posts his game on Instagram and receives an AMAZING response. He includes a link in his bio and now has a permanent story page for the game.

One mysterious individual who goes by the name “Ǝ” has even played over 30 times! You can see his entries on the game leaderboard.

The possibilities on Koji are endless!

Artists like @Sivan.Ka show the world that people are able to work within their medium and continue to innovate. By using Koji, artists are able to showcase their pieces in a new sharable format that increases exposure, drives additional traffic, and provides valuable entertainment to their audience.

If you are interested in making games for your art brand, you can go to and create your own in minutes!

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