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African Tech Influencer @Dessy_Ocean Expands Social Reach By Over 70% With Cultural Koji Game

Ghana native Desmond A. (@Dessy_Ocean on Instagram ) takes a new spin to his venture as a tech influencer with his new Koji game...
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Rising Star @Maisha667 Delights 100k Fans with Custom Game

Fans go crazy for new, fun, interactive content! Canadian-based beauty Maisha Chowdhury (@Maisha667) has gotten her followers rallied up with her new Koji game...
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Artist @Sivan.Ka Wows Fans With Interactive Art Game Using Koji

Sivan Karim (@Sivan.Ka) is moving the art world forward by incorporating new technologies like Koji. The world of art, just like the world of...
1 min read

OMG! Child Star BFFs Create Their Own Games And They’re Adorable

Rising stars @Londonrose.Sellars & @GrowingUpArmy are the future of influencers. Fashion. Film. Gaming. These two youngins are taking the social media world by storm!...
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Influencer @BrandonZingale Surprises 452K Fans With A Custom Game

Cleveland influencer @BrandonZingale pioneers the new era of online content. The new wave of influencer is here, and with all this cool tech at...
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Influencer @YandiYand Gains Instagram Followers Using This Simple Trick

Like many influencers at YandiYand’s level, the hustle is REAL! A Blogger. A YouTuber. An Artist. A Photo Journalist. @Yandiyand does it all. Why?...
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Fans Create 50+ Games For YouTube Influencer @DeeterPlays – Live Streamed Reaction

@DeeterPlays sees crazy engagement after launching a game on Koji Previously, DeeterPlays posted a custom branded Koji game to his socials and ran a...
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Gaming streamer discovers Koji game – EPIC response!!

Watch the reaction below 🙂
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Make & Yeet A Game To Your Favorite YouTuber

Yeet games to YouTubers. Become the ultimate fan. Make an awesome Fan Game! Pick a game — New games are added every day. Remix it — Customize it...
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Make A Fan Game for Your Favorite Influencer

If you’re a total celebrity fanboi/fangirl, then making a fan game is your secret sauce to getting noticed by your favorite actors, musicians, athletes,...
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