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@CodePrime8 Runs Fan-Game Contest to Increase Engagement and Virality

@CodePrime8 invites his followers to create custom Fan-Games. Over 20+ games submitted! Heath Haskins, @CodePrime8, launched an amazing fan-game contest! Check out a replay...
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How To Import & Edit Sounds On Koji

Community asked for better audio tools! So we created a sound editor in Koji that is simple & fast! We asked folks in the...
1 min read

16 Year Old Developer Teaches App Internationalization on Koji

Kumar is a Jr. Javascript developer from India. He has been using Koji to make games for international audiences. Kumar started using Koji about...
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@CodePrime8 Gets Amazing Fan Reaction From Custom Game Contest

Fans go wild for game contests based on their favorite influencers Heath Haskins, known as CodePrime8 to his followers, launched an exciting game contest...
1 min read

Powerful New Image Editor Available in Koji

The Koji community spoke & we listened. Image editing for Koji Games is now easier than ever! After discussion on the Koji Discord about...
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Koji Tech Deep Dive

Sean Thielen, our co-founder and CTO gives a technical deep dive into Koji.
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Local News Uses Koji To Add More Fun and Excitement To Their Story

The news increases engagement with relevant Koji games Decanturish.com, a local news site in Scottdale, GA, has used Koji to enliven the news. A...
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African Tech Influencer @Dessy_Ocean Expands Social Reach By Over 70% With Cultural Koji Game

Ghana native Desmond A. (@Dessy_Ocean on Instagram ) takes a new spin to his venture as a tech influencer with his new Koji game...
1 min read

Rising Star @Maisha667 Delights 100k Fans with Custom Game

Fans go crazy for new, fun, interactive content! Canadian-based beauty Maisha Chowdhury (@Maisha667) has gotten her followers rallied up with her new Koji game...
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Artist @Sivan.Ka Wows Fans With Interactive Art Game Using Koji

Sivan Karim (@Sivan.Ka) is moving the art world forward by incorporating new technologies like Koji. The world of art, just like the world of...
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