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The Complete Guide To Creating An Amazing Template On Koji

If you’ve stumbled upon Koji recently, you’ve probably seen all the amazing templates on the front page. If you’re thinking of creating a template on Koji,...
5 min read

Create A Custom Koji Profile Page

That’s right! Custom Profiles are here…and they are AWESOME! Take any published project on Koji and turn it into your Koji profile page. Here’s How: Create...
22 sec read

Remix Any App, Make It Your Own

There is a new platform that allows anyone to remix all kinds of apps and games. Remixing Apps & Games Is Easy. Find an existing...
13 sec read

Quickly Test Your Koji Apps On Mobile/Tablet Using This QR Code

QR code within the Koji code editor links to an app staging environment for mobile devices and tablets. Click on Embedded Preview at the top left of your...
15 sec read

Interactive Memes: A New Sharable Format For The Internet

We all love memes, humorous images, videos, pieces of text, etc., that are copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by people on...
26 sec read

New From Koij: Make Apps For Tesla Vehicles

That’s right. Your apps now work in a Tesla. 🙂 When you create any apps, games, or interactive content in Koji, you are creating a...
24 sec read

Add A Custom Domain To Your Koji Application

Easily add a custom domain to your Koji app from the editor of your project. After purchasing a domain from a hosting service, you...
13 sec read

Collaborate With Others in Real-Time Within Your Code Editor

Koji’s collaboration tools let you work with someone in the same project, in the same editor, at the same time. Just click on the...
10 sec read