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New From Koij: Make Apps For Tesla Vehicles

That’s right. Your apps now work in a Tesla. 🙂 When you create any apps, games, or interactive content in Koji, you are creating a...
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You Can Now Customize Apps Without Writing A Line Of Code

The world of app development is changing fast. Gone are the days where only a select few could build and publish their apps to...
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Add A Custom Domain To Your Koji Application

Easily add a custom domain to your Koji app from the editor of your project. After purchasing a domain from a hosting service, you...
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Timed PayPal Wall Plugin Now Available in Koji

Easily implement PayPal payments in your app by enabling this plugin. A popup for your app that will prompt the user to pay an...
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Collaborate With Others in Real-Time Within Your Code Editor

Koji’s collaboration tools let you work with someone in the same project, in the same editor, at the same time. Just click on the...
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Have you played Centipede yet?

This classic game from the 80’s is now available to play on WithKoji.com. It’s super fun and super addicting. Shoot mushrooms and spiders to...
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Build Your Own Pacman Game

Great news! The Pacman game template is now live in the Koji template store. You can customize: Background color Up to 3 images(frames) for...
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New Koji Publishing Tools

There was an update to Koji that features a new Publish now section. This makes it easy to publish your games to WithKoji.com. Add your...
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How To Optimize Your Output & Increase Revenue By Using Koji

TL;DR — Koji can help your business bring apps to production at LUDICROUS SPEED. Here’s how: By allowing you to skip the boilerplate and start from...
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