@BeastBoyShub Breaks 300K+ Game Views on Koji Within 48 Hours! Here’s How.

Mega-gamer @BeastBoyShub dreamed of one day having his own game

BeastBoyShub, an internet celeb from India known mainly for his streams & videos featuring horror games and jump scares, plays all kinds of games ranging from Minecraft to Spiderman to Resident Evil. His high-energy videos, fun catchphrases, and audience interactions allow him to reach millions of viewers each week. While known for playing other people’s games, he hoped that one day he could have his own game.

Koji makes that dream a reality, and fans go crazy for @BeastBoyShub’s game!

The game, “@BeastBoyShub Zombie Shooter“, is a top-down, arcade-style, run & gun shooter, with customized characters, weapons, and catchphrases in collaboration with @BeastBoyShub. His amazing insights into the things his fans love most set the stage for a and extraordinary game!

It features custom artwork of his face wielding multiple weapon types and fighting off an infinitely growing zombie horde. Additionally, the best feature of the game is his signature weapon and catchphrases that he incorporates into the game.

Koji lets anyone create and remix their own games using Customization Controls that make it easy to quickly swap out images, colors, sounds, text, game settings, and more!

Play below:

The game is an instant success and gets over 100k+ plays shortly after going live!

And the numbers keep growing πŸ˜πŸš€

BeastBoyShub’s game hits #1 on Trending within the first hour, landing it on the Koji Homepage. Within a few hours, the game has over 100k plays.

as of 09/28/2019

Fans had a blast competing for a high score on the leaderboard. And the best part is, they had tons of fun. The comments speak for themselves.

Fan Comment 5Fan Comment 4

Fan Comment 3

Something amazing happens – fans start creating NEW games for @BeastBoyShub!

As fans played the game they were inspired to create new interactive content to show their love of @BeastBoyShub. Within the first hour, over 30 new games are created by fans!

48 hours later, BeastBoyShub’s game is remixed over 5,000 times!

Fan create their own versions of Zombie Shooter and even create games for BeastBoyShub from other games on Koji.

Fans then create their own gaming videos using BeastBoyShub’s Game.

Since posting the Zombie Shooter, there are over a dozen videos from other YouTube creators playing the Zombie Shooter game on their own YouTube channels. These creators range from a few hundred subscribers to 450K+ subscribers.

Check out this one with over 200K Views:

Additionally, BeastBoyShub’s video performs better on YouTube!

To put things in perspective, most gaming videos on his channel average 300k-600k views. His largest videos, usually about Minecraft, average 1m-1.3m views.

As of 9/30/2019, his video reached about 1 million views, 6,000 comments, & 59K Likes on YouTube

This video + Koji game quickly becomes a winning combo as one of the best performing videos on the channel with several ripple effects found across both YouTube and Koji. :

  • more video views on YouTube
  • more game views on Koji
  • Fans creating THOUSANDS of remixes from his game
  • Fans creating gaming videos about his game

All of these effects, work in BeastBoyShub’s favor to reinforce & expand the BeastBoyShub brand all while creating a deeper connection with his fans.

Games Are Easy To Create & Highly Engaging!

Games made with Koji are:
– Sharable anywhere (Reddit, Twitter, Insta, Snapchat, embedded, etc.)
– Drive traffic to other sites (merch shop, music playlist, videos, etc.)
– Highly engaging! They engage, and re-engage audiences!
– Enable easy email lists for a direct line to your audience.

πŸ‘‰ Try remixing your own game on Koji Today!

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