What Is The Best Platform To Sell Digital Products?

Crafting digital products is a great way to start your journey as a seller or expand your current business. These low-risk product offers are easy to adapt to any niche and they don’t require you to invest in any upfront resources besides your time. 

Fortunately, an expensive subscription service or complex website to start selling digital products. Below, we’ll showcase some of the best platforms so that you can start delivering your digital goods directly to your customers. 

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Why Should I Sell Digital Products? 

The barriers to creating an online business no longer exist. You don’t have to own inventory or have an existing business to start earning profits from your passions. If you have a deep understanding of a particular skill or niche, you’re ready to create a profitable product. 

Digital products have little to no risk– these items only cost some of your free time to create and help you build a deeper connection with your community. With so many digital products to choose from and the opportunity to start selling in minutes with tools like Koji, anyone can become a successful seller. 

What Is A Koji?

A Koji is a type of interactive media that can help you sell your products, downloads, services or premium content. To create a Koji, simply select a template and customize before sharing the unique URL on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, or anywhere else!

What Should I Sell? 

Any successful seller looks to their community to figure out what to sell. You want to find product-market fit, meaning that your product should satisfy a strong demand in your specified market. 

For instance, check out these examples highlighted by a few of our current Koji sellers:

  • Alex Stemp is a photographer who helps out his community by selling Lightroom presets for photos
  • EG Fitness sells PDF workout and training plans
  • Builder and designer Dream Home Build sells checklists to help you prepare for home inspections
  • Tech coach Mckenah Johnson sells one on one sessions and downloadable interview prep guides 

What do all of these Koji sellers have in common? They paid close attention to the needs of their specific communities and created products based on those needs. Your product should provide value to your unique customer base. 

Still not sure what to sell? Check out our guide on 35 digital products for sellers

Watch one of our sellers Sandra Di in action selling her digital products on with Koji:

The 5 Best Platforms To Sell Digital Products

Ready to start selling? Here are the five best platforms to start selling digital products: 

  1. Koji 
  2. Shopify
  3. Sellfy 
  4. Etsy
  5. Squarespace 


Koji is the most flexible space to sell digital products, letting you sell anything from custom art prints to PDFs, to fashion looks with or without a website. If you can think of a product, there’s probably a Koji template for it. 

Using Koji to sell products is free– a small transaction fee is taken with every purchase so that we only make money when you do. You can complete transactions within social media or using any internet browser using Kojis, or use Koji’s free link in bio to build a pocket website. 


Shopify is known for helping creators sell all types of goods, but you can also sell select digital items like PDFs. Digital sellers need to use the companion Digital Downloads app and pricing starts at $26/month. 


Sellfy can help you monetize print-on-demand goods along with digital goods like e-books and audio. While you can’t purchase Sellfy goods within your original browser, there are built-in product embeds for sites like YouTube and Facebook. Sellfy starts at $29 a month. 


If you already have physical inventory on Etsy, you can expand your shop with digital products! Etsy is great for selling downloadable products like planners and PDFs. Prices start at $0.20 per listing and a 6.5% cut per transaction. 


Squarespace is a great choice for sellers who prefer a more traditional website experience. Some examples of digital products you can sell on the platform include E-books, audio files, and PDFs. Pricing starts at $16 a month. 

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Best Platforms To Sell Digital Products FAQ

Finding the right platform to sell your digital products doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out these common questions and answers to start selling: Which website is best for selling digital products?

How do I start selling digital products?

To start selling digital products, first, you have to create something of value for your community. Once you’ve built a valuable product for your customer base, you can then list it for free and sell it anywhere on the internet using Kojis

What are the top digital products to sell?

Top digital products vary greatly based on the niche you’re catering to. Digital products can range greatly from an E-book or PDF to exclusive audio or DIY planners. 

Can you make a living selling digital products?

Absolutely! Sellers who are able to find product market fit and connect with their respective communities can certainly build a sustainable income by selling digital products. 

And there you have it! Selling digital products has never been easier– enjoy building your business with Koji!

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