Best Ways to Build an Email List

We’ll cover some of the different ways you can collect emails through your Koji profile.

Sure, you could have an email signup. But it won’t be nearly as effective as asking your followers when they’re actively engaged with you.

Many Kojis can be remixed to collect emails, but here are our top picks:

Locked Photo Or Video

With this template, followers can pay to “unlock” exclusive media. But there’s also the option to collect email addresses instead of money.

When creating your Koji, you’ll have the option to set the Payment price. Below that you’ll find the option to collect emails instead.

Locked Photo or Video is a fun, interactive way to use any content you already have to start growing a subscriber list.

Group Story

People have all kinds of uses for Group Story: selfie walls, digital guestbooks, and so much more. It’s a powerful tool for crowdsourcing, but did you know Group Story is also an effective way to collect email addresses from your followers?

In settings, choose “Premium Access” and then select “email.” 

Now, all users will need to enter an email address before gaining access to view the content or participate.

You’ll find a database of your followers’ emails right inside the analytics for your Group Story. 


Promotional offers and raffles are a great way to attract and engage with fans through your Link in Bio.

The Giveaway allows you to collect all the information you might need to build your contact list: full name, date of birth, phone number and, of course, email address. 

 As with any Koji, take a look inside the analytics report for the full list of emails and follower information you’ve collected.

Survey Builder

Surveys are a proven method of email collection, and adding a Custom Survey to your Link in Bio only turbo-charges its effectiveness.

Customize your background and take full control over the multiple-choice and text-based responses. 

Emails are collected from every participant upon completion of the survey, and available to view inside analytics. 


Have some fun with email collection and create your own game!

We’re big fans of Fruit Slicer: the popular game of chopping fruit and avoiding bombs. Now you can take full control of the game and slice whatever you want!

Once it’s live on your Link in Bio, followers compete for the highest score. Before adding their name to the list, your followers can be prompted for their email address in order to appear.

It’s the perfect time to ask for that contact info; they’ve earned a spot on your high score list and you’ve made something unique that they just engaged with.

Learn more about collecting email addresses through games.

Get more ideas for ways to collect emails through your Link in Bio at the Koji Template Store.