Billboards: Fans Pay For Space on Your “Link in Bio”

You read that right: you can now sell Billboards in your “link in bio” profile at any price you want

This is a major breakthrough for anyone looking to monetize their social media following.

Beyond the hundreds of ways you now have to make money, sell content, & take paid requests, there’s a whole new space for you to monetize called a Billboard.

Each time the space is purchased, the price goes up! It works like this:

These billboards play video & more

Billboards aren’t just ads; this is a canvas for expression similar to a social media “story.”

Your followers can search or upload their own videos, gifs, and images, or choose a background. Add text anywhere within the Billboard, and as many links as you like.

Fans bid & drive up the price

You set the initial offering of your Billboard. The first follower to accept the offer gets to create their own custom card for your “link in bio” profile.

That billboard is live on your “link in bio” for a minimum length of time you agree to. That’s when the fun (and the profit) really begins. Every time someone purchases your space, the price increases. Watch your followers bid each other as high as they’re willing to go!

There is unlimited potential to the earning power of your Billboard. Think of it like selling NFTs for your profile. Now your fans can brag about owning a piece of your profile!

The ad is your Top Fan

Billboards differ from their real-world counterparts in most obvious ways, but one important distinction is that your “Link in Bio” Billboards are not advertisements.

Instead, Billboards are custom spaces where your patrons & top fans can express themselves and their appreciation of what you do.

Of course it can be an advertisement too! Billboards are your space to sell as you see fit.

Promote follower excitement

That “top fan” space will quickly be coveted by your followers, so why not encourage more fans to participate?

Adding a Billboard to your “link in bio” shows existing & prospective followers just how much you value and love your fans.

Your billboard not only allows them to express themselves to you & your community, it also promotes an ongoing sense of excitement about becoming a new follower. Buying a billboard is a great way for new fans to introduce themselves!

This is a dead-simple way to promote excitement amongst your followers and attract new ones at the same time.

Full Analytics

A complete report of your Billboard’s performance is available inside your Creator Dashboard.

This means you’ll actually be able to provide actionable reports to your advertisers! With the snap of your fingers, you’ve just created a new space where you can monetize your digital brand.

Billboards are a powerful way to make money while giving fans the chance to own a space in your profile.

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