Bonding With My Daughter Through “Fan Games”

Paul and Nikki

Guest post from a father / daughter team of Koji game makers :

My name is Paul, and my daughter Nikki is 15 years old and loves to draw and be creative. My boys Vincent 17,  Anthony 21 are more technical.

My kids are very fascinated by YouTube influencers, and showed me a video of James Charles (15.9m subs) who is a very talented 19 year old makeup artist. Then they showed me Jeffree Starr (15.7m subs) who makes millions of dollars in cosmetics.

While Nikki loves to draw and has created fan art before, we thought that these amazing talented people deserved Fan Games.

So far, we have built 2 games; one for James Charles and another HyperCasual game.

Nikki loves sharing our games with her friends on social media and getting immediate feedback from them.

I am blown away by the ability for a father and daughter to make amazing games that people from all over the world can play instantly, and love that Koji is giving us an awesome way to work together creatively as a team.

Here is the game we made for James Charles :

Our next project is building a game for the singer my kids’ love, Billie Eilish.

I am excited to watch what people are creating with Koji, how we are all learning from each other, and how quickly these Fan Games are getting better and catching on.

I hope that James and Billie will get to play these games as well, and feel our admiration for them.

Paul and Nikki