9 Kojis To Help You Boost Your Holiday Sales

The most “wonderful time of the year” is undeniably a season for spending. According to Deloitte, the average American will spend an average of $1,455 alone this year on holiday purchases. Fortunately, this is great news for sellers!

Below, we’ll showcase 9 Koji templates you can use to boost your holiday sales this season. We’ll also share some crucial holiday marketing strategies to help your business shine bright across social and beyond. Let’s jump into it! 

Using Kojis to sell more during Christmas

What Is A Koji?

A Koji is a type of interactive media that can help you sell your products, downloads, services or premium content. To create a Koji, simply select a template and customize before sharing the unique URL on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, or anywhere else!

9 Kojis To Sell More This Holiday Season 

The holidays are a great time to usher in new digital and physical products while reintroducing your current product offerings. Here are 9 Kojis built to help you sell more throughout the holiday season. 

1. Shoutout 

Who doesn’t love a custom holiday greeting? Boost your relationship with customers and earn some extra cash by sending customized video greetings with Shoutout. Note that this doesn’t have to be limited to greetings alone– You can offer custom songs, covers, or video advice using this Koji template for your customers. 

2. Sell Physical Products 

Have a limited art print or have one-of-one merchandise to sell to your top fans? Use Sell Physical Products to sell collectibles, stickers, or any single-size product to clear out your old inventory for the new year.  

3. Giveaway 

Use the Giveaway Koji to drum up newsletter sign-ups or social follows around the holiday season. This template is also a great way to advertise your current product offerings– For instance, your giveaway prize could be a special holiday-themed product bundle or a limited edition print that’s not released for general sale until the new year. 

4. Sell Digital Products 

Sell Digital Products acts as your one-stop storefront for selling any and all digital product offerings. Use this space to sell holiday bundles, showcase multiple products in a single space, and offer festive discounts on digital downloads. 

5. Name Your Price

Want to reward your customers while bringing home some extra gift money? Use Name Your Price to gift your customers printables and guides. Customers can download your product offerings at a price of their choosing, making this a great place to test out new digital product ideas for the new year. 

6. Shopify Storefront

Already have a Shopify? Use Shopify Storefront to sell directly to your customers on social media. Note that you can also use Koji’s monetizable templates on any platform or within link in bio services like Linktree. 

7. Sell A Service 

The holidays are a great time to offer custom art pieces, photography services, or consultations for those looking to improve themselves in the new year. Start monetizing your time and talents with Sell A Service. 

sell a service koji for holiday shopping

8. Exclusive Article 

Have a knack for finding the most unique gifts? Can you build a guide to help families keep the peace during the holiday season? Turn your insights into extra income with Exclusive Article

9. Sell Video Courses 

Not everyone wants a physical item as a gift. Help create a valuable video course for your customers with Sell Video Courses. Whether you’re helping your fans learn guitar or sharing some of your favorite cooking techniques, creating courses is an excellent way to take advantage of the gift-giving season.  

Earn more ecommerce sales during the holidays

Key Holiday Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business 

Marketing is the key to closing any sale, and the holidays are no exception! Here are a couple of marketing strategies designed to help you close more sales: 

Keep Your Customers Informed

The holidays present plenty of opportunities to connect with your customers on social media. Be sure to share any sales, gift ideas, and shipping deadlines with your followers to close more sales in time for gift-giving. 

Offer Discounts or Holiday-Themed Sales

The end of the year is a great time to clean out your inventory and reconnect with customers before recuperating for the new year. Offer discounts on some of the lesser-known products to encourage customers to order before hitting shipping deadlines. 

Holiday Drops 

Who doesn’t like a little anticipation? Reward your customers with new drops and product offerings leading up to a major holiday or milestone. For instance, you could offer limited edition prints for each day of Hanukkah. 

Offer Gift-Giving Bundles

The easier you make it for customers to check off their holiday shopping list, the better! Create bundles of similar products and create kits or product bundles offered at a discount for the holiday season. 

Find Places To Sell IRL

Online marketing is key to any modern seller’s success, but don’t forget to get out there and shake some hands! Customers are more likely to try out new brands and products for themselves and loved ones during this period. 

There are also more opportunities to sell– look out for holiday pop-ups and events where you might be able to sell some of your products. Use Koji’s sharing tools, like your custom QR code for instance, to tie new customers back to your online business. 

The holidays are a great time to boost your sales and expand your customer base. Hopefully, these strategies will make it easier for you to surpass all the benchmarks on your holiday wishlist!

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