Rising Star @Maisha667 Delights 100k Fans with Custom Game

Boxing With Maisha Game Banner

Fans go crazy for new, fun, interactive content!

Canadian-based beauty Maisha Chowdhury (@Maisha667) has gotten her followers rallied up with her new Koji game “Boxing With Maisha“.

Her sweet yet fierce presence online is an inspiration to all girls & women out there and promotes equality in a sport that’s typically looked at as “masculine”. In an effort to combine both her boxing lifestyle and beauty shared over Instagram, Maisha’s game on Koji was tailored with a collection of her best pictures that reflected that side of her persona.

Play “Boxing with Maisha” on Koji today!

Maisha announces a contest and her followers go wild  🥊 🎉

As any great athlete knows, a little competition goes a long way. Maisha decided to hold a competition for her followers to see who could get the highest score.

@Maisha667 Announces Game on Instagram
@Maisha667 on Instagram


“I was so impressed with the engagement! The second I opened [the game], I knew my fans were gonna love it!” -Maisha

After 3 days of announcing her competition, and an overwhelming response from her followers, Maisha announced the two lucky winners via Instagram Stories.

Games and contests WOW followers unlike anything else!

Maisha’s game is a great example of how influencers are successfully engaging their followers by leveraging new forms of interactive content.