How Brands Can Use Games To Drive Marketing

Games are the secret weapon of top marketers

Billion dollar companies leverage playable ads to increase engagement and ROI on advertising spend. These “advergames” are fun, short mini-games that are launched as interactive ads. 


Advergames dramatically outperform other digital ads

Advergames drive more engagement, outperform alternative digital ad units, and consistently surpass brand’s ROI targets: 

Other case studies have shown impressive stats as well:

  • 8x Increase in Click-Through Rates (CTR)
  • 6x Lift in brand awareness
  • 3x Increase Conversion Rate (CVR)

Plus, with built-in social referral systems, these games can achieve a high viral coefficient, driving the effective cost per unique user engagement down by as much as half.

Games engage consumers across all markets

Gaming is the #1 unifying audience, it has become a global phenomenon. With over 1.8 billion gamers worldwide (195 million in North America), an equal split of male to female, and spanning all age groups – you can be confident that your customers play games.

The run-of-the-mill internet marketing options like banners, pop-ups, etc. are easily blocked or ignored. Advergames are not considered intrusive and provide an effective and more interactive way to engage with consumers. The personalized and entertaining experience creates a positive emotional connection between players and brands. 

Why doesn’t everyone use brand games? 

On average, development companies charge $10-$50k USD per game project, and these games take many months to launch. Unless you’re one of the world’s top companies with an abundance of time and money, most businesses can’t afford to make this type of investment. 

That said, data shows that marketers are more excited by playable ads than any other ad unit.

Until recently, the technology did not exist to simplify game development. However, today there is a new option for brands who want to experience the power of advergames…

Introducing Koji – now anyone can create games!

Koji is a revolutionary platform that has done the impossible when it comes to game development. Now anyone can create a game in minutes – even if you don’t know how to code. 

We have a large collection of ready-made games, which can be easily remixed to fit your needs.

The major benefits of a game remix are:

  1. Lower cost. You don’t need to rebuild the entire game from scratch.
  2. Lower turnaround time. This is critical for time-sensitive projects.
  3. Proven quality. You’ve already seen the game at work. It’s easier to visualize the end product.

The remix method is the most logical and cost-effective approach, especially if you’re on a tight deadline to launch a game alongside your marketing campaign. 

Easily customize the game for your brand without writing code

We provide a very high degree of customization, you can quickly and easily make updates such as:

  • Gameplay (variables include difficulty, hitpoints, playtime and more)
  • Visuals ( text and brand messaging, themes, characters, icons, logos and more)
  • Audio (background music, sound effects and more)

We also offer a library of plugins that add additional functionality to your game such as email collection, analytics, social sharing, custom links, and more! 

Koji games run instantly across all devices

Our games are web based, which means they work instantly across the web browsers of all modern smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops. We cover iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows PC and more.

10 ways Brands are using Koji games for marketing 

  1. Lead generation; Capture names and email addresses of players
  2. Promote Brand Engagement for new or current base
  3. Run fun interactive contests for promotions or events
  4. Drive traffic to your website using rewards and prize incentives
  5. Increase click through and advertising response rates
  6. Brand Engagement and awareness experiences
  7. May be used for an eCommerce store using coupon codes
  8. Engage followers with a positive Brand experience
  9. Promote new products and services in a fun and engaging way
  10. Reward customers for loyalty and keep them connected to your business

Start creating brand games

Your customers aren’t just passive viewers of content, they want to interact with your brand, and have fun doing it. Games make the interaction memorable, and fun creates a positive association with your brand.

Give your audience an option to play, rather than just scroll past an irritating ad. 

Go to and get started today!

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