Burger King shares Koji “Moldy Whopper” Interactive Post on Twitter

On February 19th, 2020 Burger King released a Moldy Whopper Ad Campaign in efforts to boldly promote their stance against using preservatives in their food:

The Beauty of No Artificial Preservatives”  caused controversy as many found it distasteful, but Burger King stood proudly with their campaign.

Koji users also began expressing their support for the Moldy Whopper Campaign by creating Burger King-themed Interactive Posts. Two days after the campaign went live, Burger King shared their first Koji Interactive Post on their twitter, challenging their 1.8M followers to play. 

“game on n00bs”

Branded Interactive Social Media Posts dramatically outperform traditional content, and Burger King’s tweet showcased that.

This Interactive Post received over 30 thousand plays in less than 48 hours of being shared on Twitter, and the average play/engagement time was around two minutes. Not only did the Interactive Post perfectly match their current campaign efforts, but it allowed their followers to understand their vision in a fun and trivial way, exceeding the marketing capabilities of traditional image/video/gifs.

Burger King’s Interactive Post on Twitter inspired over a dozen of other fan creations!

You can play the original shared game right below, or check out all of the fan creations on Koji.