How To Record Sounds on Koji

Sound VCCs have a very useful feature. Easily record audio from your microphone to create sounds for your games. To record audio: Click on...
18 sec read

Now You Can Easily Monetize on Koji

Looking to monetize your Koji games? Then you are in luck 🙂 Koji now has a direct pathway to monetization for creators. It’s called...
50 sec read

Building Email Lists on Koji. Better Than Social Reach?

Koji Games Allow You To Easily Build Email Lists. Many games on Koji have leaderboards that have a setting that allows your players to...
1 min read

How To Import & Edit Sounds On Koji

Community asked for better audio tools! So we created a sound editor in Koji that is simple & fast! We asked folks in the...
1 min read

Powerful New Image Editor Available in Koji

The Koji community spoke & we listened. Image editing for Koji Games is now easier than ever! After discussion on the Koji Discord about...
1 min read

Koji Tech Deep Dive

Sean Thielen, our co-founder and CTO gives a technical deep dive into Koji.
Dmitry Shapiro
4 sec read

How To Create A GIF Thumbnail for Your Koji Games

One of the most important first impressions your game can make is its thumbnail preview. Naturally, in order for people to click on your...
2 min read

Create A Custom Koji Profile Page

That’s right! Custom Profiles are here…and they are AWESOME! Take any published project on Koji and turn it into your Koji profile page. Here’s How: Create...
22 sec read

Remix Any App, Make It Your Own

There is a new platform that allows anyone to remix all kinds of apps and games. Remixing Apps & Games Is Easy. Find an existing...
13 sec read

Quickly Test Your Koji Apps On Mobile/Tablet Using This QR Code

QR code within the Koji code editor links to an app staging environment for mobile devices and tablets. Click on Embedded Preview at the top left of your...
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