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It’s Easy to Transfer Your Linktree Into a Koji Profile

Just input your Linktree URL to transfer all your content into a Koji Profile Already made a Linktree? That’s a great start, but you...
Jon Redick
24 sec read

Highlights Are the Top “Link in Bio” Calls-To-Action

Koji Profiles Offer Featured Spaces For You to Customize Koji isn’t a stack of links in boxes like Linktree. Koji is digital space to...
Jon Redick
39 sec read

That’s Not a Link in Your Profile; That’s an Instant Experience

Lightning icons signal features that take place right within your “Link in Bio” Kojis do all sorts of fun and useful things because they’re...
Chase Klitzner
1 min read

How to Customize Your Profile

A custom theme is the best way to enhance your link in bio and to express yourself. Koji Profiles introduce new ways to style...
Chase Klitzner
55 sec read

Host Your “Link in Bio” on Any Domain

How to link your domain to a Profile Custom domains are a powerful way to personalize to your “Link in Bio.” You may prefer...
Chase Klitzner
43 sec read

Locked Photos & Videos Now Collect Emails

The Locked Photos and Videos template got a big upgrade: you can now choose whether you want to receive money or collect emails for...
Jon Redick
21 sec read

What’s In Your Creator Dashboard?

The Dashboard is home to all the information about your Kojis and your account. This is where you manage subscriptions, view transactions, and access...
Chase Klitzner
26 sec read

Best Ways to Build an Email List

We’ll cover some of the different ways you can collect emails through your Koji profile. Sure, you could have an email signup. But it...
Chase Klitzner
1 min read

How Evolution Rewards Work

When Kojis are remixed and forked, they get modified and improved. Here’s what that means for creators. All Kojis have a lineage, a list...
Chase Klitzner
32 sec read