OMG! Child Star BFFs Create Their Own Games And They’re Adorable

Rising stars @Londonrose.Sellars & @GrowingUpArmy are the future of influencers.

Fashion. Film. Gaming. These two youngins are taking the social media world by storm! Because of their age, naturally, they are in always in tune with the latest trends. So instead of playing games, are actually MAKING them!

After discovering Koji, both influencers created their own game in less than 24 hours.

Play @GrowingUpArmy game here

Play @LondonRose.Sellars game here

The games both featured images from their Instagram in sporting their favorite threads.  At first, they showed the game to family members. Their parents had this to say about the games:

“My son is obsessed with the game”

“My husband and I were BLOWN AWAY”

“I thought it was really cute. As far as a family getting in, it is a great idea to stay connected with my family”

Then the games launch on Instagram. They play each other’s games!

Along with a post, @GrowingUpArmy posted this adorable video talking about her game.

The best part of this entire story is when they comment on each other’s games.

The fans LOVE their games!

“The second I opened it, I knew my fans were gonna love it”

Just check out all of the positive engagement.

Their parents, who manage these young artists, also mentions the positivity that followed the game post.

“I’m so impressed with the engagement”

“ a 7 year old got in trouble for playing  the game afterhours because he’s obsessed with being #1 on the list (scoreboard)”

“216 likes + 216 views = everyone that saw it liked it. This is what stood out to me the most because usually my views are a lot higher than my likes, so that was really cool to see” 

The pair also plan to create more games for family members and holidays.

“My sister’s bday was yesterday and we remixed a game for her as a gift” 

“Sending a remixed app as a gift like during the holidays or like a new way to spin off those elf e-cards… I feel it could go viral ”

“I’d do a Christmas one & put it together on Christmas since Ilara’s birthday is on the holiday itself”

You can make your own games as well! To learn more and create a game go to and get started in minutes!