@CodePrime8 Gets Amazing Fan Reaction From Custom Game Contest

Fans go wild for game contests based on their favorite influencers

Heath Haskins, known as CodePrime8 to his followers, launched an exciting game contest to his fans this week! His game was built using Koji and features his YouTube and Roblox avatar.

CodePrime8 announced the game contest on a live YouTube broadcast and his fans instantly responded with dozens of comments and over 150 likes. Fans were told that the top 10 players on the game’s leaderboard would win a $10 Robux gift card – they loved the idea of the contest and excitedly rushed to play the game!

You can watch CodePrime8’s announcement video below:


CodePrime8’s game gets a ton of fan praise and engagement!

Shortly after the announcement over a thousand users from over 66 countries were playing the game and competing. Within an hour hundreds of high scores were posted to the leaderboard!

Fans were commenting on Koji that they loved the game!
Hundreds of players competed and posted their scores to the leaderboard


Play “CodePrime8 Climber” below:


The game was a hit and helped drive traffic to CodePrime8’s merch store

A great feature of creating games with Koji is that Makers can easily add a variety of plugins. One example is that you can add a link to your merch store, Patreon page, or any other site of your choice.

Koji plugins make it easy to link to your merch store or any other site of your choice


Custom games are changing how influencers engage with their audience 🙂

The game contest was a huge success – it delighted fans, generated a ton of engagement, and drove meaningful traffic to CodePrime8’s merch store.

The power of using custom games and contests to WOW fans is causing a shift in the way influencers think about content creation. Koji is excited to continue supporting CodePrime8 and others as they take advantage of this amazing new opportunity.