@CodePrime8 Runs Fan-Game Contest to Increase Engagement and Virality

@CodePrime8 invites his followers to create custom Fan-Games. Over 20+ games submitted!

Heath Haskins, @CodePrime8, launched an amazing fan-game contest! Check out a replay of the live stream below:

“I never made a game before… It was easy and fun!” Fans loving creating games!

Fans had a great time learning about Koji and found it fun and easy to create custom games. Games made on Koji can be shared across platforms and instantly played on all devices. Over 20 games were submitted!



“Best stream ever!” Fans love engaging with @CodePrime8 LIVE as he plays their games

Heath live-streamed himself playing fan games and posting his high score. His fans were lighting up the live chat, excited for him to give feedback on the games they made. They also were able to explore and play each other’s games. One player excitedly said, “I can’t stop playing!”

“Incredible!” Influencers and fans love fan games!

Fan games are the next BIG thing because they’re HIGHLY engaging, help influencers grow their channels, and increase virality.