Creating Interactive Games to Play With Your Friends Remotely

If you are like many people, staying connected with your friends is important. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances prevent you from being able to be physically with those you care about. When that’s the case, socializing remotely becomes essential. Playing interactive games is one great way to continue to socialize with your friends, even during the COVID-19 quarantine or other times when you are unable to be with your friends physically. At Koji, we have an assortment of templates to get you started creating games for you to enjoy with your friends. Here’s a look at some of the great ones you might want to try.

Dodgeball Arena

Who doesn’t love pegging their friends with balls? While you won’t be able to actually hit your friends with balls, Dodgeball Arena is the next best thing. This game is for 2-4 players, which means that it’s a great option for socializing with a small group of friends. Using the “WASD” keys or the arrow keys on your computer, you can move around the court. Then you can use your mouse to aim and shoot. It can also be played on a mobile device by dragging on the screen and clicking to shoot.

As players are hit, they lose health. The last player standing wins. The game can be played repeatedly and works great as a tournament-style game if you have a large group of friends. You could have the winner of each game play against the winners of the other games to see who the ultimate winner is. It can also be played round-robin style, allowing everyone to play everyone else.

Dodgeball Arena has great potential for customization. Make the balls objects you might like to throw at your friends. This could include food, toys, or even other unique balls. Have the characters literally be you. Make the background look a little more like the gym where you like to play dodgeball with your friends.


If you and your friends like to play computer games where you’re either running away from each other or chasing each other, Kojio might be a great choice for a remix. The basis of the game is that you are trying to come to the top of the food chain. Using the arrow keys to move around the screen, you will be trying to eat everything smaller than you and run from any players bigger than you. Yes, everything smaller than you includes other smaller players.

Some ways that you can personalize this game are by making the characters yourselves, by including foods you enjoy eating, and by making the background a familiar place you enjoy going with your friends. This is a game you’ll likely find yourself playing repeatedly with your friends.

Asteroid Shooter Multiplayer

Unlike many multiplayer games, in Asteroid Shooter Multiplayer, you will be working with, instead of against your friends. Working together, you will shoot the asteroids while trying to avoid being hit by any of them. Some of the asteroids are large, and they will need to be shot more than once to be completely destroyed. The good news is that even if you do get hit by an asteroid, the game is not over. You’ll simply lose some energy, which can be replenished.

Navigating around the screen is easy in this game. Point your mouse in the direction you want to go, and hold down the mouse button to shoot the asteroids. As you work together with your friends, see how long you can all last.

Customizing this game to your life can be fun. Some people have even remixed the single-player version of this game to create a game where you’re fighting COVID-19. You might want to do a similar thing with the multiplayer version of the game.

Switch Wheel

We cheated a little with this one since it’s not really a multiplayer game, but Switch Wheel is a great game for personalizing and sharing with your friends. With this game, you have a wheel at the bottom of the screen. In the beginning, you have two objects on the spokes of the wheel. Objects will fall from the top of the screen, which match those on the spokes of the wheel. Rotate the wheel left or right to match the falling objects with the objects on the spokes. As you match them correctly, more items will be added, making the game more difficult.

This is a great game for personalization for a variety of reasons. First, the game is easy to customize. You can include pictures of you and your friends or pictures of things you enjoy doing with your friends on the spokes. Second, it’s easy to play. You only have to either click on the sides of the wheel or use the “left” and “right” arrow keys on your keyboard to play the game. Even if your friends are not gamers, they will likely catch on quickly to the concept. While you won’t be playing against your friends live, you can submit your scores and then start trash talking them when your score is higher than your friends’ scores.

Tips for Creating Games

The templates are already created, so you don’t need to know anything about computer coding to create your own game. To create your own game, you are mostly just making small but meaningful changes to an already created template to make it your own. You could even get your friends involved and see who can create the most enjoyable game.

If you’ve never created a computer game before, be sure to watch our video. While the video is specifically about making interactive posts for social media, it offers tips for customizing the games, and it shows you how you can do that. If you need ideas for making a game your own, be sure to look at the template as well as some of the remixes. You might be surprised how easy it is to create a game that’s uniquely yours.

Of course, these are just a few of the game templates you can use to create your own personalized games. Be sure to check out our website for other great multiplayer computer game ideas.

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