Creator Economy Platform Koji Announces “Check In Rewards” App

New Link in Bio App Lets Creators Set Check-In Milestones and Reward Top Fans

SAN DIEGO – Koji, the world’s most powerful Link in Bio platform and the leading app store for social media, today announced the launch of Check In With Rewards & Leaderboard, a new app that allows creators to track check-ins from their top fans and set prizes for them to unlock.

The Check In With Rewards and Leaderboard app lets fans check into their favorite creators’ Link in Bio profiles daily and counts the amounts of check-ins. Creators can add different check-in milestones for their fans and set prizes, such as unlockable content, fan badges, free downloads, and more for various check-in milestones. Within the app, creators can see how many people visit their Link in Bio profile and view a leaderboard of their top fans and followers.

The new app is free to use and available today on the Koji App Store

About Koji

Koji is the world’s most powerful Link in Bio platform. With hundreds of free apps created by Koji and its community of independent developers, the Koji Link in Bio gives leading Creators on TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and other social media platforms new ways to engage audiences, connect with supporters, and monetize. Koji launched in March 2021 and has raised $36 million in venture capital.

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