Creator Economy Platform Koji Launches New Apps, Resources for Next-Level Brand Integrations

Any Creator Can Leverage Custom Apps And World-Class Analytics To Transform Brand Partnerships Into Authentic, Engaging Collaborations

SAN DIEGO – Koji, the world’s most powerful Link in Bio platform for the Creator Economy, today announced a suite of Brand Integration apps, as well as resources to help creators of all sizes engage in next-generation brand partnerships. The Brand Integration suite launches with two Link in Bio apps, Branded Survey and Branded Quiz, that democratize the brand partnership landscape by giving creators tools and data previously only accessible through bespoke, custom-built integrations.

“Brand deals are a major source of revenue for today’s content creators. Until today, however, very few creators could afford to spend the time and money required to build and deploy custom interactive experiences as part of a brand partnership. Koji’s new suite of Brand Integration apps gives every creator the tools to take their partnerships to the next level of engagement and value,” said Koji CEO Dmitry Shapiro.

Branded Survey and Branded Quiz are the first apps to be released as part of the Brand Integration suite. With Branded Survey, creators and their brand partners build an opinion survey that reinforces a campaign’s message, and a creator’s audience participates in the survey to instantly unlock a piece of bonus content like an exclusive photo or video. Branded Quiz applies those same reward dynamics to a quiz about a product or offering, instead of a survey. The quiz is not intended as a test of knowledge, but rather as an engaging way to reinforce a message and learn about an offering.

“The Koji App Store doesn’t care how many followers you have or what type of content you create. We believe every creator should have access to best-in-class tools to manage and grow their business. A competitive app store, backed by a vibrant community of developers, is the key to building a powerful, equitable foundation for the Creator Economy to flourish,” said Sean Thielen, Koji co-founder.

Branded Survey and Branded Quiz are both available today on the Koji App Store and are free to use. As part of the launch of the Brand Integration suite, Koji has developed and released a series of resources, guides, and tutorials on its blog to help creators more effectively partner with brands.


Koji is the world’s most powerful Link in Bio platform. With hundreds of free apps created by Koji and its community of independent developers, the Koji Link in Bio gives leading Creators on TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and other social media platforms new ways to engage audiences, connect with supporters, and monetize.

Koji launched in March 2021 and has raised $16 million in venture capital through its parent company GoMeta, Inc.


Sean Thielen

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