Dare Me and Dare U For Musicians

One of the best ways producers, vocalists, instrumentalists, or musicians of all types can engage their fans is through the use of challenges. With link in bio mini apps like Dare Me and Dare U artists can ask fans to submit monetizable challenges or participate in a contest created by an artist. 

Below, we’ll share how these mini apps can help you connect with fans on a deeper level. 

What Are Dare Me and Dare U?

Dare Me and Dare U are both mini apps hosted on Koji profiles. Koji serves as a supercharged link in bio platform, that provide plenty of features catered specially to creators, artists and musicians. 

Koji’s supercharged profiles are free to customize, and support plenty of mini apps that help artists monetize their music, or connect with fans on another level. 

On Dare Me, fans can send in dares for artists to complete, boosting dares with cash to incentivize your completion of the tasks. Dare U flips the script: the mini app helps you crowdsource video challenge entries from fans, allowing you to check out entries and source a winner for prizes. 

How Can You Use Music Challenges To Promote Your Music? 

There isn’t one right way to use these mini apps to promote your music, but here are a couple of ideas to get you started: 

Dare Me 

With this mini app, you don’t have as much control over the dares themselves for obvious reasons, though you do have moderation controls. However, you can incentivize your fans to send in dare requests by:

  • Periodically shouting out the Dare Me mini app
  • Showcasing some of the dares you’ve completed in past on social media
  • Connecting directly with your top challengers to incentivize future challenges

Dare U

Are you ready to put your audience on the hot seat? Here are some video challenge ideas to share with your fans: 

  • Teach a skill and ask your followers to demonstrate
  • Craft a lyric video or visualizer through multiple fan videos 
  • Ask fans to react to a new song 
  • Have fans submit dance videos to your music
  • Have fans complete an action centered around your release theme

How To Promote Challenges As A Musician

Once you’ve added Dare Me and Dare U to your Koji profile it’s time to focus on promoting your mini apps. After all, fans won’t be able to use what you’ve created if they don’t know it’s there. Consider these strategies to promote your new mini apps: 

1. Have A Clear Launch Mission 

Treat your mini app launch like an album or single release. You’ll want to build up anticipation for the launch of your mini apps and have a clear call to action. Let your fans know how long the challenge will run for and what they can expect to gain by participating. 

2. Create Value For Your Audience 

With Dare U, fans can enjoy watching other entries, but you can also incentivize fans with a prize. This could be tickets to a show in their city, cash incentive, or a merch item of their choice. 

Dare Me isn’t just another avenue to entertain your fanbase, it also serves as a great way to connect with some of your most engaged supporters. Reach out to your Dare Me participants to thank them for joining in on the fun. 

3. Set A Controlled Time Frame 

Make sure your fans know that each dare timeframe is finite, which can help incentivize more Dare U and Dare Me participation. 

By default, Dare Me challenges expire in 7 days, so make sure you stay up to date on your challenges. 

4. Share Your Favorite Entries 

Be sure to shoutout some of your favorite clips of fans participating or inspiring a challenge. Your audience will love the extra appreciation, and sharing publicly can help draw in new double dog darers. 

5. Create Challenges During Release Week

Your mini apps can also help draw attention to your other creations, especially during a special period like release week. You could challenge your fans to showcase their new reactions, or offer a first listen to any fan that completes your challenge. 

Dare U and Dare Me can serve as excellent ways to connect with fans and drum up financial support as a creator. AmaZane proves to be just one shining example of how you can use these challenge mini apps to your advantage.  Check out her full video here:

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