How To Monetize Fan Challenges: The Ultimate Guide

The Basics

“I dare you!” We used to hear this all the time as kids during recess or after school. It was always exciting to see what you could convince your friends to do with just these three little words. And now, by using the Dare Me app, you can source and monetize dares from your followers, all inside your Link in Bio.

Breezy House’s Dare Me builds on the playful virality of internet challenges and lets you challenge yourself and your favorite creators like never before, all while monetizing the content you produce with it. Set up the Dare Me app for yourself to earn money on the crazy stuff you do, or be the one to dare your favorite creator to do the crazy things.

Internet challenges run the gamut from charitable (the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) to playful (the Mannequin Challenge) to physically questionable (the Hot-Pepper Challenge). And regardless of the challenge’s intended impact, they all have entertaining results that can spread like wildfire across the internet—so let’s get started!

The app is free to use and is available on the Koji App Store and you keep 85% of all transactions.

Dare Me Is For Everyone

Breezy Boys’ Dare Me app is for anyone looking to diversify how they engage with their followers and wants a fun way to do so. Whatever kind of creator you are—influencer, chef, musician, dancer, you name it—your followers want to interact with you and have a say in the content you create, and now they can.

Finding success with Dare Me isn’t about the size of your following or trying to promote a project. It’s about learning what your audience wants from you and playfully responding to it.

That said, there are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding whether Dare Me is right for your Koji link in bio:

Your Dares on Your Schedule

To make your Dare Me a financial success, you need to make sure you can set aside time to stay on top of the dares you’ve been challenged to, at least at first. Showing up to an empty page, or a page with only a couple of old dares will be discouraging for your followers. The more dares you respond to, the more dares you’re likely to get challenged to, meaning more money for you, and more entertainment for your fans!

You’ll probably see the most dares come through when you first announce the app on your profile and are actively promoting it, but leaving it up and responding to a few dares a month can be a powerful habit to develop over time and can rack up a lot of cash.

Make Money When You Want

Any dare you complete will earn you money, but if you’ve got a backlog of dares to complete or are just wanting a break, you can turn off new dare submissions. Turning off submissions will help communicate to your followers that you’re busy and will feel better than letting unfulfilled dares expire. Dare challenges are only available for one week once someone posts them, so try to either remove them or respond to them in that time frame.

Whenever you’re ready to start earning again though, turn submissions back on, and let your followers know you’re ready to go!


As you can imagine, followers might come up with some extra crazy or creative dares they want you to do, but thankfully, the Dare Me app includes built-in moderation tools. You can also delete any dare someone has created for you that makes you uncomfortable or that you just don’t want to complete.

If followers have added money to the dare, don’t worry! No one is charged unless you actually complete the dare.

Work Hard and Be Rewarded

The biggest thing that separates good dare responses from weak ones is follow-through. To be truly successful, you need to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone a bit and challenge yourself. The more your followers see that, the more likely they’ll be to suggest and boost dares in the future.

Obviously, you can still pick and choose which dare challenges you want to complete. But the more (safe) risks you’re willing to take to fulfill your followers’ most boosted dares, the more connected and engaged your audience will feel. If you half-heartedly complete dares or only respond to the same kinds of dares, you might be missing out on the magic of the internet challenge spirit… and some really good earnings.

This is the most rewarding part of Dare Me, but can also be the most difficult for those of us who are used to staying totally in control of our content. The more you take risks and open up, the more fun and lucrative the experience becomes for everyone.

Let’s Get Started: Receiving Dares

Dare Me is free to use and available on the Koji App Store. Setting it up is easy, and there are a few choices to make depending on the type of experience you want to create for your followers and yourself.

Setting Up

In addition to a cover photo or video, you’ll need to write a description of the dares you want to receive. This is a great place to set the tone for the kinds of dares you want your followers to send you. You can offer suggestions yourself, or set limitations. A good description will help set expectations for your followers so they know how to elicit the best response from you and will let you fairly enforce your boundaries.

Do The Dare

When you’re ready to view and start accepting dares, tap on “Unfulfilled Dares” in the Dare Me app on your link in bio. Here you’ll see all of the dares your followers have submitted with explanations of what the dare is, how much time is left to complete it, and how much money people have donated to it in the hopes you’ll fulfill it.

If you’re ready to complete it, tap on the “Accept” button at the bottom of the dare challenge. You can either record a video or upload a video of yourself completing the dare. Make sure that all parts of the dare are fulfilled—your followers will only be charged money if you successfully complete the dare, so make sure to give them their money’s worth!

Managing Dare Challenges

In addition to accepting dares, there are other things you can do with fulfilled or unfulfilled dares. If you tap on the ‘more options’ button, you have options to share the dare to any number of your other social media accounts to solicit more support on that dare from your followers. You can also turn off post notifications for that dare and even delete if you know you’re not going to complete it.

Finally, if you have too many unfulfilled dares to go through still, or you just want a break, you can scroll to the top of your Dare Me app page and tap on “Accepting New Dares”, this allows to select the option to take a break from accepting new dares and stop receiving dare requests until you’re ready to turn it back on. Remember, you’re in control.

And that’s it—you’re ready to start promoting and accepting dares!

Let’s Get Started: Creating Dares

The Dare Me app is also a great way to interact with other creators. Here’s how to use Dare Me as a fan.

Creating a Dare

Navigate to a creator’s Koji link in bio and open their Dare Me app. Tap on the “Dare Me” button and then compose a dare for them. If you want to increase your chances of the creator completing your dare, follow any guidelines or requirements they put in the description section of the app. Remember to keep your dares respectful, while still being fun and challenging for the creator.

After you’ve described the challenge, you can set a prize amount. This is only in whole dollar amounts and is how much you want to pay the creator to fulfill your dare. The more challenging the dare, the higher your prize should be, especially if you want the creator to actually fulfill it! You will get a full refund if the creator does not complete your dare within 7 days. 

Boosting a Dare

Do you really want to see someone else’s dare get fulfilled? Then donate some extra money to it to incentivize your favorite creator to complete it! You can do this by tapping on the “Boost It” button of an unfulfilled dare and adding however much money you want to it. As with creating a dare, if a creator does not complete the dare within 7 days, you will get a full refund of any money you donate.

You can also share any dare to other social media sites if you want to solicit support for a certain dare—encourage your friends to boost your dare and increase its chances of being completed.

Final Thoughts

Dare Me is a powerful and engaging way to start earning money from the content that you are already making. We know the kinds of experiences it will help you create with your followers will be some of the most fun and rewarding for you and them.

We’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, feature requests, and bugs. Twitter is the easiest place to get in touch – we’re @madewithkoji, and we can’t wait to see what you do with this new app.

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