Full House’s Dave Coulier Lets Fans Dunk His Head in Custom Koji game

The TV star took to Instagram and Twitter to share his Hoops remix.

Comedian and actor Dave Coulier quickly grew a social media following last year as younger audiences discovered Full House on streaming services. 

Now Coulier is taking advantage of his online presence with a series of Kojis including the viral Dunkin’ Dave game. 

Coulier remixed the ever-popular Hoops template, where players can make the leaderboard by tossing the actor’s head into a basketball hoop. Two misses and your game is over.

Coulier added the game to his Instagram and Twitter, which accumulated players within minutes. 

Dave Coulier Koji Hoops Game         Dave Coulier Koji Hoops Game

But the game is more than just good time; it’s a promotional tool for his apparel company, Cut-It-Out Wear (named for his famous Full House catchphrase).

Coulier also rallied his followers to challenge John Stamos for the best mullet.

Dave Coulier remixed the popular Tap Race template in a clever combination of fan engagement and promotion of the television show. Over 1.7 million taps were registered from fans.

Check out Dave Coulier and his “Dunkin’ Dave” game below: