DeeterPlays – YouTube sensation thrills fans with games

YouTube influencer increases his audience engagement using a personalized game made with Koji

DeeterPlays is a Youtube broadcaster with over 155k subs.

He was looking for new and creative ways to increase engagement with his fans, so he decided to create a game using Koji and run a contest. Many of his followers play games on Roblox, so he purchased Robux (digital currency) gift cards that he would give away to players that got high scores.

DeeterPlays shares the exciting news with his fans

You can view the promo video DeeterPlays shared with his followers on YouTube below:

And a post made on Twitter:

deeterplays game post

DeeterPlays game goes live!

Here is the personalized game called “Spaceship Commando,” made with Koji, that his fans played:


The community loved the game and showed great engagement

The results were amazing – thousands of fans played the game and loved it! There was a ton of engagement, comments, and excitement from his community. See the screenshot as of 08/16 below:


Fans started creating games for DeeterPlays!

As an added bonus, many of his fans who played the game figured out that they too could easily create games using Koji, and went on to create fan-games.

To see a list of other games fans created for DeeterPlays, please click here.

The game was a success and DeeterPlays plans to continue making fun and exciting games for his audience

The response was more than DeeterPlays was expecting, and he continues to work closely with the team at Koji to come up with new ideas to deliver fun and engaging interactive content to fans.