Developer Creates Stunning FanGames & Website Using Koji Games

Paul Yanez, a seasoned developer, creates games in Koji.

Paul’s development portfolio speaks for itself. Clients including, Marvel, Chips Ahoy, Herman Miller, and more! Paul is no stranger to creating digital products of the highest quality. So naturally, when Koji’s game library expanded to hundreds of remixable games, he had to get in on the action.

Paul uses Koji to develop amazing FanGames.

Koji’s instant development environment and easy DevOps gives power to developers like Paul to simply focus on building games & apps. His personal website features games for stars like Billie Eilish & James Charles.

Additionally, Paul embedded the games on an amazing website to showcase his creations.

Koji games and apps are extremely sharable. With one click, everything is easily sharable and embeddable on any website. This makes it simple for Paul to add games to his website and showcase his amazing games!

Using Koji, developers can rapidly produce digital creations and build the next killer app. Go to, create something AMAZING, and try embedding it in your digital portfolio!


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