Duet For Musicians

Creating interactive experiences for fans is one of the best ways to earn long term support and build a community as a musician. Fortunately, you can now host video challenges catered to your audience directly in your link in bio with Duet.

We’ll share why every musician needs Duet in their link in bio and share a couple of video challenge ideas to get the party started below. 

Why Should Musicians Use Duet

Duet is a link in bio mini app where you can post short-form video challenges that your fans can respond to with their own video or audio clips accompanying your original clip. Here’s why you’ll want to add Duet to your supercharged bio: 

  • Create Community Within Your Link In Bio: Creating experiences for your fans fosters a sense of community and can help your fans connect, all to the tune of your music. 
  • Go From Active To Interactive: Duet opens the door to regular interactive experiences for your audience, which can be tricky to come by in an online space. Your fans will love having the opportunity to engage with your music on another level as active participants in the creative process. 
  • Produce Engaging Content With Fans: Video duets can be repurposed as content for social media or promotion, encapsulating your connection with fans.  
  • Allow everyone to participate: Duet doesn’t require a login or download. Your fans can enjoy your challenge without having to worry about signing up for another account. 

How Does Duet Work?  

Duet is designed to crowdsource live video or audio reactions from fans in your link in bio. Simply set up a title and description, upload a video clip, and post your video challenge. Fans can then duet your original video clip with audio or video in response. 

You can pin your favorite duets to the top of the feed and moderate posts with a couple of clicks. When fans submit their video or audio, they’ll be able to leave their email as well, allowing you to build up your email list. Creators have the option to share their favorite duets directly from the mini app which is an excellent way to get your fans excited about your video challenges.  

Since Duet lives in your Koji link in bio, fans won’t have to leave their browser to participate in your video challenges. Any fan can join in on the fun, without having to download or work past a pesky login screen. 

Duet Video Ideas

Not sure what to post on Duet? Here are a couple of ideas to try out with your fanbase. 

  • Play an instrumental of your release and host a cover contest
  • Host an “open verse” challenge
  • Create a beat and invite musicians to riff over it
  • Ask your fans to dance to your song
  • Have your fans live-react to unreleased music 
  • Make a lip-sync challenges 
  • Sing acapella and ask fans to sing harmony

How To Promote Duet

Are you ready to launch your first video challenge? Here are a couple of ways to promote Duet:

1. Announce your launch.

Your fans won’t be able to participate in your Duet videos if they don’t know about it. Make sure you’re announcing the launch of your Duet mini app and any subsequent challenges. Try to start with a challenge that your most dedicated fans would be interested in, like auditioning to be in an upcoming music video. Give your fans a reason to respond to your challenge. 

2. Shoutout your fans. 

There’s nothing more rewarding to a fan than getting direct interaction from their favorite artist. Be sure to share some of your favorite duets on social media, especially when first launching the mini app. 

3. Use Duet as an auditioning tool. 

Duet is great for fans, but it can also be an interactive way to source dedicated collaborators. Ask other musicians how are interested in reworking your music to respond to some of your duets. This is a great way to vet other musicians and get a sense of their style. 

4. Be yourself. 

You can adjust any link in bio text or icon to align with your brand. Take advantage of these Koji customization features for every Duet challenge to incentivize your fans in your own voice. Don’t be afraid to experiment! There’s no limit to the number of duets you create, so test out different ideas to see what excites your audience. 

Duet is an amazing way to create derivative content and produce an interactive community for your audience. Enjoy making music with your audience! 

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