Earn Passive Income By Taking Photos of Your Camera Gear

As a photo or video-focused creator, you’re probably constantly getting questions from fans trying to track down the perfect camera or lens for their needs. As it turns out, these casual interactions can easily earn you passive income via your link in bio. 

Below, we’ll share how you can earn income by sharing your gear in your supercharged Koji profile. 

Shop The Look For Photo And Video Creators 

Building a monetizable gear list in your link in bio is easy. First, make sure you’re signed up for an affiliate program that carries your gear. Sites like Amazon and B&H are great places to start. 

From there, add the Shop The Look mini app to your Koji link in bio. 

Shop the Look allows your followers to shop for items by selecting the corresponding image in a photo. For instance, a photo of your camera, lens, and tripod would contain three separate affiliate shopping links that your fans could access by tapping that portion of the photo. 

To set up your mini app, all you need to do is add a picture, description, and corresponding links to make your equipment shoppable for your followers. You can add item details to individual products and share your gear storefront directly to your socials to drum up sales. 

You can also sell LUTs and Lightroom Presets within your link in bio to earn direct, passive income from your fans. Once your storefront is set up, make sure you’ve customized your Koji to match the experience of your brand. You can customize your link text and link in bio background to help your fans have an awesome experience while shopping for your gear. 

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