Experiential and Event Marketing

As IRL events continue their comeback, brands and experiential agencies are turning to Koji as an extension of their marketing efforts. 

The hallmark challenge of brands and agencies who activate experiential campaigns is to distill months of planning into a successful activation that takes place over the course of a few days or even a few hours.

Koji’s ecosystem of mini-apps is tailor-made for brands to harness the creativity of event attendees, creators in their own right, to capture and share content on behalf of the brands with whom they are interacting.

Why Experiential Marketing?

Here are four benefits for brands who use Koji’s mini-apps to augment their experiential marketing efforts:

  • Using a call-to-action, via social or on-site, fans become a de facto extension of the brand or agency’s team. A five person team hired to seed and capture content can turn into a team of hundreds if fans and/or attendees are engaged and encouraged to share content. Fans will always interact with the brands they love in a more authentic way than hired teams.

  • Leveraging fans to become creators by implementing Koji’s mini-apps for your brands is FREE. Scaling your on-site presence and capturing content has never been more cost effective.

  • Koji keeps brand safety top of mind. Content captured by fans on behalf of brands can be curated and shared to the specifications of the brands’ parameters. 

  • As part of a call-to-action to support an experiential marketing initiative, a brand may ask their followers to submit email addresses, social handles, or any other information as part of the content submission process. As a result, brands can grow their follower lists as well as create further opportunities for 1:1 re-engagement down the road. 

How to Get Started?

Koji makes it easy to discover mini-apps to supercharge your event’s engagement opportunities directly from the Koji Mini-Apps store. For starters, you’ll find some great options in our Create & Share Together section.

The Photo Guestbook and Video Guestbook mini-apps allows brands to crowdsource content. Have your followers share their on-site experience and brands can share back a compilation of the “best of” content from the event. 

Amp up the stakes and the fun by tying in a challenge as part of the on-site activation. Using Koji’s Challenge’s mini-app send out a challenge via social media and have your followers participate by posting photos or videos of them completing the challenge in the app. Adding in prizes can make a challenge even more compelling.

If a brand wants to make the experience itself more interactive, add in real time polling features via our Poll mini-app. Polls become a great way for marketers to have a finger on the pulse in real-time.

Koji has dozens of mini-apps to supercharge your experiential activations, and provides a perfect compliment to a brand or agency’s marketing plans.