Fans Create 50+ Games For YouTube Influencer @DeeterPlays – Live Streamed Reaction

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@DeeterPlays sees crazy engagement after launching a game on Koji

Previously, DeeterPlays posted a custom branded Koji game to his socials and ran a contest to his followers for who could get the highest score. He saw great engagement from his fans (many of his followers were playing his game for upwards of 90 minutes), and top players even managed to max out the high score on the leaderboard. You can learn more about his success with the contest here.

During the contest, something amazing started to happen… DeeterPlays’ fans began to make their own custom fan games! 

In response to fans, DeeterPlays launches a fan game contest!

After a short post on his socials announcing the contest, his fans immediately hop onto Koji and start creating games:

The fan game contest goes LIVE! Within an hour there are over 12 games create!

DeeterPlays saw an amazing response from his community; his fans were excitedly creating and remixing games about him. It was fun for fans to see what others were making and for DeeterPlays to see this great engagement.

Engagement skyrockets 🚀 DeeterPlays receives over 50 fan games

The best part is, all of these games are about DeeterPlays’ YouTube channel. They include custom images, music, and gameplay from his community. Some fans even created custom Fan Art to include in their Fan Game.

You can find the full DeeterPlays games playlist here.

DeeterPlays live streams himself playing the fan games, and his followers GO WILD!

Fans were chatting and voting on the best games along with Deeter as he played through the games created for him. In addition, Deeter also posted links to each game so that viewers could play along and test these Fan Games with him.

You can check out the full 2-hour live stream below:

DeeterPlays plans to launch another contest using the Fan Game Winner’s game. AMAZING!

This contest was a huge success and shows that fans are ready to engage with influencers on a much deeper level.

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