From Twitter: Koji Web3 Launch Thread

The following is a thread we posted to Twitter on Tuesday September 28, 2021. You can view the full thread here.

1: Today, we announced native Web3 support for Koji, as well as an initial batch of ready-to-use mini apps and developer scaffolds that unlock true consumer applications and utility for #NFTs, #crypto, and #Web3.

2: We believe we’ve built the most powerful consumer ”application layer” for crypto and Web3, and are on the cusp of unlocking a massive wave of value and innovation at the convergence of #Crypto and the #CreatorEconomy.


3: The recent innovation in NFTs, DAOs, and other early crypto-enabled community experiments are amazing, but they are primitive compared to where we are headed. We’ll look back on them fondly, but it will be like comparing Fortnite to Pacman.


4: Rather than attempting to build a specific product for this space, however, we’re focused on dramatically increasing the rate of innovation and evolution across the board and democratizing access so that orders of magnitude more people can participate in Web3.


5: You might already be familiar with Koji as powering the link in bio and mini apps used by some of the world’s biggest creators, but what we’re building is actually something much more fundamental than what consumers see at the end of the day.


6: At its core, Koji is a platform that radically redefines the unit economics of creating and launching new apps.


7: There are two major innovations that deliver this promise: a novel theory of composability we call “Subtractive Development,” and an instantly-available virtual operating system that runs in every browser and provides a set of runtime APIs called Koji Core Services.


8: The gist of Subtractive Development is that instead of starting from scratch, developers build Koji apps by forking existing production applications and modifying them to create something new. 


9: An app that allows someone to sell early access to a new song is >95% similar, at a code level, to an app that allows someone to sell access to a cookbook. It’s radically faster and easier to start from a complete app and “remix” it into something else than it is to build from scratch. 


10: This effect compounds—meaning, the more apps there are, the more likely it is that you can find something close to what you want to build. Counterintuitively, it becomes easier to create new software as more complexity enters the system.


11: Koji Core Services is a set of runtime APIs that makes mobile web competitive with native apps—bringing the power of one-tap in-app purchases, push notifications, media capture, and more to every browser, including the in-app browsers inside Instagram, TikTok, and others.


12: Now, with the launch of Web3 support, these innovations make Koji the leading place to build and launch the next generation of apps. The compounding effect of software evolution through subtractive development is the key to unlocking what’s next for the #NewInternet.


13: This is why we’re excited to announce a native Web3 provider for #ethereum as part of Koji Core Services, which obviates wallet fragmentation while maximizing consumer choice—so you can focus on actually building, instead of worrying about managing boilerplate.


14: We’ve also taken some foundational Koji apps, like Locked Photo or Video, and created Web3 variants, where users unlock not by paying with USD, but by using their crypto wallet to sign a message that proves they own an NFT specified by the creator of the app. 


15: We believe this pattern—seamlessly gating access to exclusive content through proof of ownership—will be a powerful new tool for communities.


16: Creators can configure these apps in minutes by uploading a piece of content and pasting the address of the token required for unlocking, and then publishing the app to their link in bio or sharing a deep link directly with followers. 


17: Even more exciting, though, is that developers can “fork” these apps and remix them into new types of NFT or token-powered access gates (e.g., “you must have a balance of >20 of a specific token in order to post to this private feed) in a matter of hours, even minutes.


18: Then, when they’re done, they can deploy the new app to highly-available, world-class infrastructure—as well as package it for use by non-technical creators on the Koji App Store—with the click of a button.


19: We launched the Koji App Store in April 2021, and since then have seen over 70K creators, with over 300M combined followers, use their Koji Link in Bio and over 150 mini apps to engage and monetize their audience in new ways.


20: We also recently announced that Koji hired Annie Morita, the former head of the Apple App Store in Greater China, as Chief Operating Officer. 


21: As more Web3-enabled apps begin to appear on the Koji App Store and more creators begin to explore these new types of experiences, Web3 adoption and evolution will increase dramatically. As you can imagine, this is just the beginning.


22: Some of the new apps


23: Developer Scaffolds

24: Official Announcement:

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We are just getting started. Excited for the future as Koji enters into the world of Web3.