Fun Indoor Educational Activities For Kids Who LOVE Games

Parents, you and your kids can create Custom Games without needing to write any code.

Koji is a FREE Game Creation Platform that is being used by thousands of parents, kids, and teachers to build all kinds of fun interactive learning experiences.

Creating Games is easy, takes minutes, and anyone can do it.

Games are built on Koji by remixing an existing game templates and adding your own customizations. There are hundreds of templates to choose from to create almost anything.

Games are instantly shareable via a unique link, sent via email, embedded in web sites etc. Students can tap the link to play each other’s games.

Some things you can build:

Puzzle Games

Puzzles stimulate the mind for both the creator and the player. This Twisted Candy Template and Sokoban Template lets anyone edit the tiles and characters in the game to create unique and challenging puzzles. Create a puzzle and send it to friends and family!


Trivia Games

Create your own Trivia Games to quiz friends and family about anything. Remix this Buddy Meter Template and send it to friends to see how well you know each other. Create a fun picture trivia quiz using the Animal Quiz or a fun image reveal game using the Tap To Reveal Template.



Platformer Games

Love classic platformers like Mario? Make your own Mario-inspired platformer with the Platformer Template Remix this Running Boy Template or Runner Template to teach kids about level design and game physics by creating their own platformer. 



Create 3D worlds

Utilize the Google Poly Library of 3D models to create a 3D game. Try remixing the Koji Arena Template or Dodgeball Arena Template for a cool multiplayer experience. Other 3D templates like the Wing Template let you customize sprawling landscapes.


Things you can do with games

Create a remix about a friend or family member

Every game lets students swap out the images and sounds of the main character in the game. Students can take a picture of someone and use the background remover tool to add their friends and family to the game. Games like Papa Yeager Hoops and Dad’s Tree Tower were created by kids about their dads.



Challenge Friends and Family to get your high score

Game templates on Koji have built-in leaderboards. Encourage creativity and community by sharing your games with others and competing with friends to get the high score in a game that you made!

Create a fan game for your favorite YouTuber

YouTubers have started hosting fan game contests. Use Koji to send them a game that is bound to get the attention of your favorite YouTuber.



Explore the source code of a project

The full source code is available in every remix on Koji. Help your kids learn code by letting them explore, experiment by opening up the Source Code tab in any remix. Most games have a “Game” Folder that contains well-commented code for kids to explore.

Need help creating?

We have an easy-to-follow Getting Started Video that can help you create your first game in about 10 minutes.

Join our community of over 2,600 developers & creators on Discord to chat with the Koji Team, and connect with others to help you troubleshoot and inspire your creations!

Try Koji Now!

There are hundreds of templates to Remix and new templates are added daily to the site, making every day a new and exciting opportunity for learning!

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