@FunkySquadHD Grows Channel With Branded Game Contest

31 sec read

Fans get to play the first-ever @FunkySquadHD game!

@FunkySquadHD ran a contest for his fans to compete playing his custom game. The winner would be awarded over 1000 Robux! You can view the promo to the contest below:


The game featured custom icons, music, and characters that @FunkySquadHD’s fans instantly recognized!

The power of Koji is that it’s easy for anyone to create games about the things they love. Makers can find icons and sounds on the web, and instantly add them to their game without writing any code. If, however, you know how to code, Koji gives you full access to the code editor and the possibilities of what you can create are endless.

Game contests engage fans unlike anything else!

Using Koji, anyone can create contests for their friends and fans. Go to withkoji.com, remix a game, and try running your own contest today!