Get Paid To Create Viral Games For The Internet!

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Any creative person can do it. No code required. šŸ™‚

Thatā€™s right. YOU can make games, go viral and getĀ paid!

KojiĀ is a platform that makes it easy to create games on the internet, and this is your SUPER SECRET invitation to the viral game creation program.

How does KojiĀ Work?

Making games in Koji is easy, and takes only a few steps.

1. Find an existing app onĀ

There are thousands of games to choose from. You can see whatā€™s trending

2. Click on the ā€œRemixā€ button directly below theĀ game.

Any game on the site can be remixed, and thatā€™s part of what makes creating things on Koji awesome.

3. Customize Anything

Literally anything. There are several customization controls that allow you to make edits to games and apps without any code, but you can also dive right into the code and make technical edits if you want to.

4. Publish & Share it with theĀ world.

Once you finish customizing, click on ā€œPublish nowā€. Fill in some info, add a thumbnail image/gif.Ā You will get a link to the live game on

You can share your game anywhere on the web (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit, Email, website embed, etc.)

Okay Cool. So How Can I MakeĀ Money?

There is a program available for creators to make games based on trending internet topics. Hereā€™s how it works

1. Find a TrendingĀ Topic

Here are a few sites where you can find out whatā€™s hot on the internet.

2. Publish a Game About ThatĀ Topic.

You can refer to the creation guide above, or watch this video to show you how itā€™s done:

3. Then share your game. Make it goĀ viral!

Here are a few strategies to add virality to your games:

– Include eye-catching headlines, descriptions and thumbnails.

– Make quality content. People like to play cool things!

– Know your audience. Make things that provide value/entertainment to that audience.

– Reach out & partner with an influencer or brand.

– Ask your friends to like & share.

– Tag everyone & everything related to the topic.

– Use lots of hashtags.

– Comment/reply to related posts with your content.

– Be timely. Use create games from trending topics.Ā šŸ™‚

– TagĀ @madewithkojiĀ on social media for an easy retweet/like/share

4. Submit your game via this form. Get paid viaĀ PayPal.

How Much $$$ Can IĀ Make?

Games take minutes to create.

The program is currently paying $5 per game plus specialĀ bonuses.

Bonus Earning Opportunities:

– Daily Bounties (BONUSĀ $5/game)

Trending topics will be posted intoĀ this Secret Facebook Group.Ā The first game on this topic gets an extra $5.

– LikeĀ Bonuses

Games that get many likes onĀ withkoji.comĀ will earn awesome rewards to the creator. Invite your friends to like your game, post it across social media, use the viral strategies above!Ā More likes on Koji = MORE CASH

50 Likes (+ $5)

100 Likes (+ $20)

500 Likes (+ $50)

1000 Likes (+ $100)

10,000 Likes (+ $500)

100,000 Likes (+ $5,000)

– Get a celebrity/influencer to share yourĀ content

Depending on the audience you can earn up to aĀ $1,000 bonus. Make sure that you tag and partner with relevant celebs for your games!

– Get featured by a major news organization

Because you are creating games that are relevant to what is trending, many news organizations may be interested in your game. Reach out & submit your content to these places (they all have contact info / are on social media, etc). Someone might feature it and earn you up to aĀ $1,000 bonus.

Have any questions?

Feel free to ask questions about this program by posting into theĀ Super Secret Viral Game MakersĀ Group.

You can also connect with other creators, share your creations, and learn about creating on Koji by joining theĀ Koji DiscordĀ Server.