Promote Your Music Project With Giveaway 

Giveaways are a surprisingly effective way to promote your music and engage with your audience. With the link in bio mini app Giveaway, you can create this experience for your fans within a matter of minutes. 

Below, we’ll share why hosting giveaways is so effective for musicians and demonstrate how you can host your own via your link in bio. 

Why Should Musicians Host Giveaways?

So why are Giveaways so effective for musicians? Here are a couple of key reasons why you should consider hosting some of your own giveaways as an artist: 

  • Convert Passive Listeners Into True Fans: Giveaways offer incentives that can help you hook in casual listeners transforming them into dedicated fans. By gating entry behind a newsletter or platform sign up, you can help casual listeners bridge the gap. 
  • Reward Existing Fans: Giveaways also present an easy way to reward your dedicated listener base with customized rewards. 
  • Promote A Project: Giveaways help generate buzz, especially when they’re shared across social media. Hosting your own giveaway around a project launch is another great way to amplify excitement throughout release week
  • It’s a Win-Win: Giveaways strengthen the artist to fan connection by providing both valuable assets – fans have the opportunity to win a valuable prize, and artists get more sign ups to their newsletter or follows. 

What Is The Giveaway Mini App?

The Giveaway mini app is a tool that makes it easy for you to create and manage giveaways through your link in bio. This mini app is free to use and does not require any downloads to access. Your fans can enter the giveaway directly through your link in bio without having to leave their original browser. 

How Does Giveaway Work?

The Giveaway mini app is simple and only takes a couple of minutes to set up. All you need to do is add a description, rules, title, photo, or video describing the giveaway. You can set the entry option by asking fans to sign up for your newsletter, visit a link, join your server, follow you on social media, or watch a video of your choosing. 

You can also set the entry value for each method, making some methods more high value than others if you see fit. When you set up your Giveaway, you’ll select an end date for the contest, upon which the mini app will select a random winner. 

Since you reach out to the winner directly, you can give out just about anything with Giveaway! Here are a couple of prize ideas to get you started: 

  • Exclusive merchandise
  • An original song
  • A poster
  • Meet and greet access 
  • A Zoom call 
  • Music production gear
  • A signed instrument 
  • Concert tickets 

How To Promote Giveaway

Giveaway campaigns are only successful if you take time to promote them properly. The buzz you create from the campaign is proportionate to the amount of entries you entice, so take these strategies into account when launching your mini app:

Create Anticipation 

Giveaway is set on a fixed schedule meaning that your fans only have a finite amount of time to enter and participate in the contest. Use this detail to your advantage and count down the days they have to enter on your socials. 

Use Release Week To Your Advantage

Giveaway is a great way to convert listeners into followers, so take advantage of all the momentum built around release week! You can schedule your Giveaway to finish right around release day or even give out a new prize daily in the days counting down to your project drop. 

Create Different Types of Giveaway Mini Apps 

Koji allows you to create a limitless amount of Giveaway mini apps, each with its own unique icon and link text. Get crafty and consider running more than one Giveaway at once. For instance, some fans might be more enticed by a free merch package than live tickets to your set, so it may make sense to craft separate Giveaway mini apps accordingly. 

Share The Winner

Make sure you take the time to share the winner of your Giveaway on your socials! This will help your fan feel extra special and will create lingering anticipation for future Giveaway campaigns. 

Ask Fans To Share The Giveaway As An Entry Requirement

To create a buzz outside of your usual social circles, ask fans to help you promote Giveaway as part of the entering process. This could be asking them to share once they’ve entered on their social media stories or posting with a custom hashtag related to the contest. 

Hence, Giveaway is a strong tool to help artists give back to their fans while paving the way for future engagement. Have fun setting up a Giveaway in your link in bio! 

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