Google Arabia Launches Koji Game on Facebook

Google Arabia showcased its first branded Koji game on their Facebook Page this past January.

After browsing the Koji template collection, they chose Runner and remixed it to a Google-branded world, where Google Dinosaur, Google Chrome, Google Maps & Android were featured. They called it G-Runner,  you can play below.


Their Koji post dramatically outperformed the three previous posts on their page!

The last three posts had an average of ~60 likes, and their post featuring their Koji Game had over 200 total reactions and dozens of comments. The game also had over 4,000 plays in the first 24 hours of being launched on their Facebook page.


The power of Interactive, shareable content is further emphasized through Google Arabia’s Koji post. To learn to remix your own template, click here.

You can read through the comments/see the actual Facebook post below: