Highlights Are the Top “Link in Bio” Calls-To-Action

Koji Profiles Offer Featured Spaces For You to Customize

Koji isn’t a stack of links in boxes like Linktree. Koji is digital space to express yourself:

Introducing Highlights

Each Koji Profile has up to three Highlights: the top calls-to-action in your “Link in Bio.”

Highlights feature large circular images and sit atop your links to make sure visitors engage with these buttons first. You have full control over the image that appears in your highlight, along with the font, color, and styling of your profile.

Add-ons are signaled with a lightning bolt icon, letting users know there are instant experiences right inside your profile.

See It In Action

Oscar-winner DJ Paul releases music and remixes games in his Highlights.

NFL Hall-of-Famer Michael Strahan uses his Highlights space to let fans text him.

Video Creator Jon Moss has a Tip Jar and a Personal Menu in his Highlights:


Create Your Profile

Click here to get started, or for full details on creating a Koji “Link in Bio” profile, watch this tutorial:


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