How Content Creators Succeed with NFTs

Content creators can deliver valuable content to their audiences as they always have, but these days content alone without an NFT strategy will simply fall short. 

This is because NFTs offer so much potential to content creators who are willing to learn how to effectively use NFTs, and those who put in the time into learning about them will have a leg up on the competition. 

NFTs allow your followers to (literally) invest in your brand, to champion your content, and NFTs incentivize them to spread the word about the content you’re creating. Incorporating NFTs into your brand and content strategy will position you well and help you effectively reach the right people. 

NFTs Work Well for Different Types of Creators

Whether your content is in video form, audio or another type of media, Koji has the Web3 tools to make your NFT a success. We’ll take a look at how some different types of creators like YouTubers, TikTokers and Podcasters use these tools with NFTs.

NFTs for YouTubers

  • Engage with your fans with behind the scenes or unreleased content with NFT Locked Video
  • Create exclusive art with the Create an NFT mini-app. This will allow you to lock up exclusive content, crowdfund, and expand marketing.

NFTs for TikTokers

  • Short form video is your game, and your followers know too well that sometimes your video content is time sensitive!
  • Create FOMO with a locked NFT Watch Party.
  • Only holders of your NFT can see your time-sensitive video, and you can set the available time frame for viewing.

NFTs for Podcasters

  • If you’re a podcaster, an audio file NFT is the most sensible type of NFT you can offer your audience. 
  • Wait until you’ve got a really special guest coming on your podcast – someone who your listeners would be incredibly excited to hear, an expert in your field. 
  • Create an NFT for your followers then use the NFT Locked Audio mini-app to set up an audio file with gated access.
  • Your follower can use the NFT to gain access to your exclusive audio, then sell the NFT when they are done listening to let someone else enjoy the episode as well.
  • If your reputation as a podcaster grows, the NFT could be worth even more when your follower goes to sell it.

NFTs Provide a Way For Followers to Invest in Your Brand

Your followers consume your content because they enjoy it, but they don’t directly benefit from your success without an NFT in the picture. Releasing an NFT allows your followers to buy a stake in your future success, to effectively become a shareholder of the NFT asset, so that they benefit when you succeed. 

  • For example, if you release an NFT using Koji’s Create an NFT mini-app and price it at 0.06ETH (Approximately $183 at the time of writing) and one of your followers buys it for this mint price at launch, then they own that NFT. They then stand to benefit financially if the value of the NFT goes up.
  • If the value of your NFT increased from 0.06ETH to 0.30ETH, each follower who bought your NFT for the original mint price would have the opportunity to sell the NFT for a 0.24ETH profit (a gain of about $732!). This way, they have had the chance to invest in your success for a time period, and reap some rewards for placing their faith in you as an early supporter. 

Launching an NFT provides you a funding mechanism for creating your personal content, while at the same time giving your followers the chance to be an early investor in your brand. 

After you sell your NFT, you can continue to provide value to holders in the form of locked content, exclusive giveaways and more using the Koji Web3 mini-apps, making your personal brand even stronger. 

NFTs Can create Champions and Advocates of Your Content

  • Without NFTs, you may be leaving some of your most loyal fans lacking that extra push they need to champion your content to the rest of the world. 
  • With NFTs, you and your followers are in it together, and you can empower your followers to be strong vocal supporters of your work. Deliver them value with your NFT, then let them pass the good news along to their social networks. 
  • If you’re a musician, for example, use the Koji Web3 mini-apps to build a community where your champions can emerge. Create a buzz with the NFT Listening Party mini-app, which allows you to release new music to NFT holders during a limited time period. From there, use the NFT Premium Inbox mini-app to request feedback from holders who attended your listening party. This will allow you to engage with your holders, get their feedback and make champions out of those who are most invested in your project. 

NFTs Can Incentivize Your Followers to Spread the Word

If you’re a content creator, NFTs offer you powerful ways to connect with your audience, and one of those ways is to market your NFT as an investment that will appreciate over time. 

  • Tell your story and your vision. Inspire your followers to buy into your dream, then give them reasons to share your vision with the world. What value can you provide to them to incentivize them to spread the word?
  • With your NFT holders having some skin in the game, they’re more likely to get the message out about how great your content is and why it deserves attention.

Building your Future With NFTs Will Give You a Strong Foundation for Your Content

  • Adding NFTs into your content strategy will not only strengthen the network of people that are consuming your content, but also incentivizes them to get your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible. 
  • With NFTs, when you win, your holders win. 
  • Keep delivering great content and use the power of NFTs to reach an expanding audience of followers. 

If you’re a content creator and you’re interested in getting started with NFTs, start by exploring the Create an NFT mini-app, then continue to build upon your NFT using the many Web3 mini-apps in the Koji App Store