How Creatives can Thrive from Home in the Modern Gig Economy

As most businesses’ positions move more and more toward working from home amid the global pandemic, freelancers and creatives in the gig economy are faced with a different set of challenges. Working from home and managing their own schedules are nothing new for many creatives. However, the looming uncertainty of what industries might look like in the next six months is enough to drive many creatives to look for a new hustle. Luckily, one company is uniquely poised to cater to all types of creative people.

The brilliant creators on Koji produce dozens of new games and other types of interactive content every day. While some projects are completed and playable games, many others are simply a platform for other creators to use in a remix and launch their own versions. The TikTok culture is alive and well on Koji–every great project can inspire a hundred spinoffs that take it to the next level. Unlike many similar websites, however, Koji puts creators first. Every step of the Koji process makes it simple and easy for creatives to get paid.

Asset Packs and Templates

The sounds and images that give Koji creations life are called “asset packs“. An asset pack consists of a collection of either sound or images. A talented sound engineer who doesn’t have the time or interest to create a full project could easily produce their own sound pack, or a cartoonist looking for additional work could draw usable images of original characters in a variety of scenes. Once the asset packs are created, they’re available for other creators to use in their own productions—both free and paid assets can be included in the packs.

Developers can use the Koji platform to produce “templates”, which creatives use asset packs to customize and remix with no code required. Templates allow other users a starting place for their own creations. Koji makes it easy for these artists and programmers to be rewarded for their work through their tip system. Between tips, asset pack purchases, and other payment methods (with template purchases coming soon), creators on the back end are more well-compensated than on any competing site.

Despite all the ways we’ve already covered to reward creators, Koji has even more in store once the assets and templates are finally in use. Once creatives take the final step and complete a customized game or other interactive programs, they have the opportunity to partner with major brands for a massive payday. Some of the major partners that have worked with Koji creators in the past include YouTubers with millions of subscribers, musicians, news outlets, and even companies like Burger King.

How Koji Makes Earning Easy

Whether your creative side leans more toward simply producing high-quality assets, synthesizing them into a template, or even creating a final product, there are plenty of opportunities to succeed and make Koji your next gig. Koji is streamlined to allow you to share your ideas and content with the world as quickly and easily as possible. Many other marketplaces (such as Fiverr) focus on one-to-one partnerships that require a buyer before a project makes money. However, Koji puts the emphasis on content production. There are no deadlines and no contracts. You make the content, you set the price, and the market does the rest.

If you’re not focusing specifically on earning potential, Koji is still a fantastic platform for creation. Asset packs (both image and sound-based) can be released for free if you’re simply spreading your creative wings. Indeed, many asset packs are free of charge to use, even commercially. If you’re willing to work with free (but still high-quality) assets, you can create a template or even a finished product with no monetary investment. In under a year, Koji managed to stake a claim as one of the leading content-production sites on the internet. The ease of use, polish of finished-products, and extensive support network have pushed Koji into the spotlight quickly.

Remixes and the Future of Koji

One feature of Koji projects we haven’t really covered yet is remixing. When you’re watching a video or playing a game created through Koji, you’ll often see a button in the upper right that says “Remix with Koji”. This allows a creator to work from an already-created template, putting their own spin on the content. This can consist of something as simple as a rebranding or something as complex as a total overhaul. Makers can use the asset packs and templates put together by creatives and developers to create a final product, which someone else can then spin into their own. Koji is built for creativity, but in a manner that rewards creators financially every step of the way.

Despite a breathtaking first year, Koji has no plans to slow down. With a successful revenue plan already in place, the site has already developed a plan for long-term growth. In addition to the revenue created regularly by the site, Koji’s thorough plan and clear roadmap led them to $6 million in investment funding so far (from some very impressive names). CEOs and former CEOs of Disney, Zynga, MySpace, and more have already backed the young site. Financial concerns aren’t likely to derail Koji’s success.

The Endless Potential of Creativity

TikTok is soaring to the top of the download charts in nearly every app store out there. The culture of creating, remixing, changing, improving, and creating again has captured a generation. But the future of this culture isn’t restricted to videos on smartphone screens. It’s the future of video games, interactive advertising, and more. Koji is poised to dominate this market over the next few years, and there’s always room for more creatives to participate.

The gig economy is a tough one to get a foothold in, and it requires a specific set of self-discipline skills. But it’s easier than ever to produce content that makes the world sit up and take notice. Whether it’s images, sounds, templates, completed projects, or even something completely different, Koji is ready to establish itself as a home for creative workers in the new gig economy. In a world where it’s not always clear when people will be able to leave their houses again, creatives are needed more than ever—and Koji makes it easy for them to make high-quality content without leaving their couch.

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