How Evolution Rewards Work

When Kojis are remixed and forked, they get modified and improved. Here’s what that means for creators.

All Kojis have a lineage, a list of ancestors and descendants.

Everyone involved has a stake in the development of the Koji they help create.

For example, when a developer creates a new template and then that template is forked, the original creator of that template receives a percentage of all upcoming revenues, called the Genesis Stake.

Similarly, when a Koji is remixed, prior creators receive a percentage of that Koji’s earnings, called the Evolution Stake. 

If a Koji makes money, its Genesis and Evolution stakes translate into cash rewards.

Of Koji’s 15% transaction fee, 6% goes directly to the community endowment. Not only do creators get credit for their Kojis, but they’ll also earn money from that Koji on into the future.


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