How Koji Helps You Stand Out From The Crowd As A Musician 

 As a musician, having a supercharged link in bio is an absolute necessity. Having a single link tied to all of your platforms makes connecting with your fans a lot easier, but how do you know which link in bio platform is right for you? 

We’ll share why Koji is ultimately the superior choice for musicians and dive into some unique features our platform brings to the table. 

1. 1st Impressions Are Everything 

As musicians, we naturally want our fans to have the best experience possible when they want to learn more about us and our art. A great user experience can convert potential fans into lifelong listeners. 

Jesse Cannon, a music industry expert and producer, puts it plainly:

“Truly one of the most overlooked parts of building a fan base is the first impression you make on fans” – Jesse Cannon

Koji provides plenty of free tools to help you tell your story in your own words. It isn’t just a link in bio; it’s a personalized website that offers customized text, graphics, and ultimately, a stronger way to connect with your audience. 

2. The Koji App Store Advantage

On top of Koji’s customizable layout for musicians, the built-in app store makes it easy to connect with fans without having to download additional plugins, or leave the hosting platform. 

“These are not iOS apps, there’s nothing [fans or musicians] need to download… Their app store has so many cool possibilities for doing high-quality marketing to your audience.” – Jesse Cannon

The Koji app store provides artists with limitless opportunities to monetize their art at any stage without taking an exorbitant cut like other online storefronts. 

3. Specialized Apps For Musicians

Koji is catered for creators and hosts a bunch of apps that can provide musicians with steady streams of income and new avenues to connect with their audience. Check out some of these link in bio apps showcased by Jesse for your supercharged Koji link: 

4. Building A Profile 

Jesse walks us through how to create a Koji link in bio while offering a couple of quick tips on maximizing your reach as a musician:

  1. Keep your information consistent. While picking out a Koji username, make sure it’s the same as the rest of your socials so that your fans can easily find you. Try to keep your branding consistent too, and customize the text to fit your voice. 
  2. Make a good impression. It’s a good idea to feature your high-performing content near the top of your Koji profile. For instance, if you have an amazing Tiktok, feature that towards the top with Tiktok Embed
  3. Utilize video backgrounds. Koji’s video background option allows you to make a lasting impression on fans for free. Upload a video background directly from your browser or phone or embed it directly from a music video. 
  4. Try out animated buttons. Animated buttons and gifs are another way to bring up the production value of your profile. Take advantage of Koji’s built-in icons, or search for your own images. 
  5. Scroll through styles. Try out different styles and fonts and see what works best. Make sure your fans can easily read your links – some background and text color combinations can make this difficult. 

It pays to put a little time into your Koji profile. For many creators, Koji serves as its own personal website and storefront:

“This isn’t a traditional link in bio page. It’s a place where you can regularly send your fans to get a good impression and build your business.” – Jesse Cannon

5. Supercharged Links 

Cannon finishes off the video by providing a couple of proven strategies to help connect with your fans more effectively through Koji: 

  • Embed Directly: Koji provides you with embedded apps for just about every music player imaginable. Link your music through these mini apps to help your fans reach your music faster. 
  • Link to Playlists, Not Songs: Linking out to songs is a missed opportunity. Instead, embed full-length playlists to hook your listeners in. 
  • Ask For Feedback: It can be challenging to have perspective when you’ve looked at the same item for so long. Ask other trusted friends and colleagues for feedback on your profile, especially when launching new mini apps. 
  • Promote Your Link In Bio: The best way to get your fans on your mini apps is to promote them! Link out your Koji profile whenever possible and show fans how they can use the mini app features. 

It call comes back to building your profile to facilitate a deeper connection with fans:

“We should think about if a fan clicked around [your Koji], what would make the best first impression or get them to build a deeper relationship?” – Jesse Cannon

Without a doubt, Koji can offer musicians unique features to help you build your audience and connect on a deeper level with your preexisting fans. 

Interested in hearing more? Check out Jesse Cannon’s full analysis on Koji through his channel Musformation

How Musicians Build The Best Link In Bio w/ Koji

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