How Kyle Quadrupled His Income With Koji

Kyle is a content creator who uses TikTok and Instagram to showcase healthy recipes that are available through his cookbook. He first began experimenting in the kitchen after starting a new line of work in Idaho. He was working as a police officer at the time and had been searching for a way to make extra income on the side for his family. With Koji, Kyle was able to create his cookbook and take his passion from part-time to full-time.

We’ll discuss Kyle’s story in-depth below and show you how his cooking journey took him from law enforcement to making over five times his previous income with Koji. We’ll also explain how he got started and mention some tips he has for up-and-coming content creators.

How Kyle Found Cooking

Kyle and his family are originally from a small Northern California town called Paradise, which was destroyed by the Camp Fire in 2018. He and his family survived but lost their home and several people they knew in the fire. Six months later, they decided to pack up their bags and move to Idaho for a fresh start. Along with a new home, Kyle switched careers and began working in law enforcement.

While on duty, Kyle heard his co-workers counting down the years, days, and hours left until their retirement. It was a wake-up call for him that spurned a sense of action to do something more. Kyle told Koji:

“And I think that was that fear that gripped me of waiting until later to live my life and do what I want is something that really pushed me. It drove me to go…you’re going to give this thing your best. Because that’s not the track you want to be on.”

Kyle began spending time in the kitchen, looking for ways to make his favorite meals healthy and tasty. As he began to lose weight, he caught the attention of his coworkers and friends, who encouraged him to continue his cooking pursuits.

Before he began losing weight, Kyle decided to document his weight loss journey and take stock of all his newly created recipes. He started posting videos on TikTok in the hopes that one would go viral. And eventually, one did, hitting over 300,000 views.

Kyle began to gain a following on TikTok and Instagram and worked to create more recipe and weight loss content. After speaking with his family, he concluded that there was the potential to do something more with his recipes. And that’s where Koji came into the picture.

Launching A Cooking Career with Koji

Kyle decided that he wanted to take his passion for cooking from part-time to full-time but wasn’t sure how to do it. He began thinking about creating a digital cookbook that would be accessible to everyone online through an e-book or PDF format.

Kyle first looked at using Canva to turn his recipes into an e-book, but he couldn’t figure out a way to create or monetize it on their website. For his next step, he decided to go on YouTube and search for how to sell digital files online. The first video that popped up was for a Koji called Sell E-Books and PDFs. He decided to watch the video and sign up for the platform afterward.

What Is A Koji?

A Koji is a type of interactive media that can help you sell your products, downloads, services or premium content. To create a Koji, simply select a template and customize before sharing the unique URL on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, or anywhere else!

So, what sets Koji apart from other seller platforms? Kyle told us:

“I went to Link Tree to try and see if they gave an option to sell digital files, and I couldn’t figure it out right away. And so, when I went to Koji and tried to figure out the same thing, it only took a couple of minutes before I realized that they had an app (Koji) for it and a feature that I could utilize right away. It seemed really easy to do it.”

Kyle set up and created his cookbook through that Koji he first found on YouTube. He was able to take his cooking career full-time in a matter of months. Kyle said:

“Last month was the best month I’ve had so far; I basically 5xed my income that I was making six months ago in law enforcement.”

Using Koji Then Vs. Now

Since Kyle began using Koji in November, he’s increased his income and been able to quit his job in law enforcement to spend more time with his family. He used Koji to create his link in bio and the Koji to make his variety of cookbooks accessible in PDF format.

How is he using Koji five months later to make an income? Kyle said:

“The cool thing about Koji is that it shows me all of my analytics in one place. On one of my best days this week, I had 4,000 views on my website. So, 4,000 people clicked my link in bio because they saw I have a cookbook e-book. They’ve now visited my Koji directly through TikTok or Instagram, and out of those 4,000, a high percentage of those people are turning over to sales.”

Kyle uses the sell e-books Koji to sell his recipes to his audience. He has a total of three recipe books that are available for download via his Koji Link in Bio. In addition to his cookbooks. He uses the Sell A Service Koji to offer branded video content and has a Love Jar where he accepts tips and messages from his fanbase.

In each of his videos, he also makes sure to direct his viewers to his link in bio at the end of each video.

Tips on How to Become a Successful Content Creator Using Koji

Kyle was able to find his niche and monetize his brand through Koji, and you can too. He provided us with some tips for content creators looking to get started.

1. Make sure the content you create is relevant to the kind of influencer you are. For example, if you are a singer, you should try to find your particular niche within that space and act on it. You can choose to use one of Kojis for musicians, like Shoutout, and learn how to make money off of it.

2. Overcome your fear of putting your content out on the internet. While many may not like your content, there will be more who do. It’s important to create the content you love because it’s your story, and no one can take that away from you.

3. Remind people to visit your Link in Bio. It sounds simple, but people often forget about this. A simple reminder can lead to more conversions, more sales, and a more engaged online community.

The Koji platform has over 200 different Kojis to help Creators monetize content, engage audiences, and build community. Take the time to see what’s available and how you can use it in your best interest to create amazing content for your followers.

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